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The Winning Smart Victory Post #71: Peat and repeat

Missouri Tigers defensive back Kris Abrams-Draine (14) breaks up a pass intended for Georgia Bulldogs wide receiver Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint (1) during the first half at Faurot Field at Memorial Stadium.
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Good evening Dawg fans!

My apologies for the wait you have incurred for this post. I spent last night showing up to support an old friend and today finishing the new flooring in the spare room before my brother comes, so I have *just* watched the game (how I managed to escape knowing the result for nearly 24 hours eludes me).

You’ve all seen the game, and certainly debated amongst yourselves while I’ve been otherwise occupied. I feel like I’ve been stuck on repeat all season – we have not played like the #1 team in the nation, but we keep finding ways to win, and isn’t that the most important thing?

It is our intention to celebrate Georgia Bulldog Football Wins whenever and wherever they occur. The ugliness or beauty of any particular win is irrelevant for the purposes of the Winning Smart Victory Post. It is therefore my deepest honor and privilege to bring to you this week’s edition of: The Winning Smart Victory Post.

Coach Kirby Smart coached his 86th game tonight for the Red & Black. He currently boasts a 71-15 record and a 0.8256 winning percentage, having carded his seventy-first win overall over the Mizzou Tigers.

At the identical juncture in their careers:

Vince Dooley’s 86th game as head coach resulted in a Georgia Bulldogs win over the North Ave Trade School in the eleventh game of the 1971 season, giving Coach Dooley a record of 59-23-4 and 0.7093 percentage.

Coach Mark Richt was 67-19 (0.7765) after a win over Vanderbilt.

Eighty-six games into his head coaching career Kirby Smart is four games ahead of Coach Mark Richt and ahead of Coach Vince Dooley by 12 games. As of now, he is holding his own versus the two winningest coaches in Georgia Football History.

As always . . .

Go ‘Dawgs !!!!