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Three Answers From UGA - Mizzou

Georgia v Missouri Photo by Jay Biggerstaff/Getty Images

It was painful to watch, but Saturday night in Columbia, Mo. resulted in a Georgia win. Hard as they were to see, here are three answers from Georgia’s win.

Kent State: Mirage or cause for concern?

Try cause of concern. Georgia could not have started the game worse between multiple first-half turnovers, poor field position, and an inability to control the trenches. It does not matter who you play - giving an opponent a short field and help makes life hard, and we saw that against Mizzou.

Georgia has to somehow, someway, fix the way it is starting games and figure it out, and do so soon.

Will Luther Burden be the best non-Tennessee receiver Georgia sees this season?

Any time you face a talented receiver with game-breaking ability, you have this fear that the night will be filled with them making big plays or unable to stop them- see last year’s SEC title game or Notre Dame’s Cole Kmet in 2019. Georgia did not let Burden take over the game Saturday, so if you want a feather in the cap for the Georgia defense from Saturday, that was it.

How much of Kenny McIntosh do we see?

Turns out, Daijun Edwards played a much bigger role than mopping things up. The bottom line is that Georgia needed Edwards to help run the clock out and Robinson to salve red-zone woes, and both did just that.

This team has serious issues with its run game, ones that were magnified on Saturday and go much deeper than backs not gaining yards and moving the chains. This run game has issues, but the upside is that a group of running backs found a way to get it done on Saturday.