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Friday Dawg Bites Still Thinks Vandy Owes the 2020 Seniors

NCAA Football: Auburn at Georgia Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Unless you count James Franklin, the Vandy Whistler and the fact that Memorial Gym is allowed to exist, there’s not much to disdain about Vanderbilt.

Except, of course, the fact that the Commodore 64s not once, but twice backed out of playing Georgia in 2020, thus denying a senior day for that year’s senior class.

Georgia should invite those seniors back for senior day, and promptly beat Vandy 72-0. Crazy? Yes. But don’t put it past Kirby Smart to hold a grudge - see the Florida series.

There are many things Georgia needs to do in order to get its passing game back on track. Much like the run game’s lull recently, the offensive line had to play better to change those fortunes.

Now, obviously, the run-blocking needs to be joined with effective pass blocking.

In what is certifiably good news for the Bulldog Nation, Coach Dooley has been released to go home.

What’s the identity of this Georgia team? The Red & Black takes a look.

Our good friends over at SB Nation’s Vandy site, Anchor of Gold, talk about the Commodores’ need for defensive consistency.

Lewis Grizzard had a deep liking for country music as a genre. Given that, posting this seems appropriate.