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Three Questions Ahead of UGA - Vandy

Syndication: Online Athens Richard Hamm / USA TODAY NETWORK

There is a temptation to chalk up Vandy as an easy win, but when you consider the unexpected effort needed to take down Kent and Mizzou plus the fact that the Commodores put the fear of God into Ole Miss for a half last week, to expect an effortless win would be foolish.

Here are three questions ahead of the Dawgs & Dores.

Will Georgia fans be satisfied after this win?

The unfair measuring stick of this team to last year will be there, but this team, while talented, cannot just mash and demolish opposing offenses like last year. Each team is different, but when you taste a level of success like Georgia had last year, it becomes an expectation.

The sentiment the past few weeks has been, “yeah, Georgia won, but...”

Frankly, if Georgia plays a first half like last week, the two weeks leading to Jacksonville could be...interesting.

Should Daijun Edwards get the start?

It’s purely cosmetic due to how much running backs rotate in this and other offenses, but given how Daijun Edwards has been a goal-line go-to back and the fact that Kendall Milton is nursing an injury, there is no reason for Edwards and Branson Robinson to not share a bulk of the carries and let Milton and Kenny McIntosh also get a bit more rest.

Will Stetson Bennett throw fewer than ten passes?

Depending on who you listen to, Bennett’s shoulder may have been tweaked in the Mizzou game - that may explain passes sailing high last week and being off-target. If that’s the case, the argument is strong to just let Georgia beat Vandy up front and run the ball down its throat.

Go Dawgs!