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Tuesday Morning ‘Dawg Bites Wonders Who’s Crying Now?

Oregon v Georgia Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

Welcome to Tuesday, Bulldog fans! Hate Week (1 of at least 3) is behind us, and you might not have all the warm and fuzzies you should have. Did you think we missed some wide open receivers Saturday Between The Hedges? Is there some angst at another slow start? Are you trying to reconcile rushing for almost 3 bills while Auburn gained less than that in total offense? That UGA covered a 30 point spread but it “just don’t feel right”?

Me too. Don’t worry, you have some hurt still running through your veins. Just remember to keep it in perspective, know that Georgia is going to a bowl-game, that all of our season goals are ahead of us and achievable, and that you’re not Auburn. So as we continue our Journey into the Billboard charts of 1981 (similar to 2022, it was the season after a Georgia football national championship), we again find the exact expression we can cling to during these moments. Because no matter what you thought during the visit of the WarPlainsTiglesMen, at least you have this sentiment when the clock hit 00:00:

Now onto news and notes of the Georgia Bulldogs variety:

A Georgia running back receiving a weekly award? What in the a**? That wasn’t even mean! It was because Branson Robinson showed his inner Chubb with the refusal to go down attitude. With Kendall Milton banged up, Robinson stepped into the 3rd rotation and proved he is worthy.

Head Football Coach Kirby Smart doesn’t use Twitter much. He might like a post or two, but when he tweets “Go Dawgs!” you know something good is afoot. And since he tweeted that twice Monday, though there was no blimp to confirm it, it was still a good day for him. Because another California connection was made as 4 star running back Roderick Robinson committed to the G in the 2023 class. And that was on the heels of 3 star wideout and longtime target Sacovie Wheeler committing for the 2024 cycle.

I like the weekly feature in the Red and Black of grading Georgia’s position groups from the previous game. Did the O-line and running backs get an A versus Auburn? Of course they did. So did special teams, but only because of a one man show if you ask me.

We’re No. 1!! We’re No. 1!!! We’re No. - okay, we’re back in the top spot, in one poll at least. Alabama sliding to 3 is to me, just a reflection that Bryce Young is hurt. Ohio State is playing offense at an incredible rate, but do we really know who they are? More analysis is coming as Dawg Sports dives deeper into the weekly rankings.

Coach Smart gave his weekly press conference prior to the Vanderbilt game and was well-versed in coach-speak. Coming off a convincing win over a rival, staying home with the Commodores before a bye week, there wasn’t too much to dive into. Other than possibly glossing over a Stetson Bennett injury, and just asking everyone to accept that the rushing performance we saw was to be expected.

Is it okay to empathize with Vol fans? I mean, I really don’t want to. But some of this does strike close to home. Maybe I can just wish a visit from Hope in the near future.

And as always...