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SEC Stat Cat Breaks Down Bama’s Most Explosive Pass Play

Clark Brooks, aka SEC Stat Cat, joins Dawg Sports Live to look at the “Trail Concept” which Georgia had no answers in the SEC Championship Game. The pass play was the most lethal concept run by Alabama this season. Brooks previewed the rematch on and noted this:

Here is the Bonus Episode of Dawg Sports Live where Clark and Josh look at these plays and go through the mechanics of its “lethality”

Georgia did not face this concept a lot in SEC Play outside of Round 1 with Alabama. Just 4 attempts with a 25% success rate. That one successful play came late in the Kentucky game. Brini had a pass break up in the Auburn game that was memorable for sure. Georgia got pressures on the attempts in the South Carolina game.

That is noteworthy as Brooks noted in the episode that this play does take a little bit of time to develop which make getting to the QB even more critical. According to Brooks, Alabama has a 51% pressure rate allowed on 3rd down this season.

Only twice in the charted plays on was this concept run by Alabama on anything but 3rd or 4th down. Watch and see what adjustments Lanning and Smart have on this play in Monday’s game.

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