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Cocktail....Saturday: Title Game Edition

old fashioned

Your Georgia Bulldogs are, once again, playing the Alabama Crimson Tide.

Do you remember 2008?







Then you could probably use a drink.

It had to happen this way. Georgia has had, by any objective measure, one heckuva football season. But no Georgia football season was ever going to be complete, will ever be truly complete, without a national championship.

That’s wholly irrational. One team gets to win the national title every season and the odds of being that team are pretty slim, even for very good football teams. But it is what Georgia hired Mark Richt for. It’s what Georgia hired Kirby Smart for. It is the objective, there is no other objective.

And the road to the title runs through Tuscaloosa for as long as Nick Saban is there. Imagine a horror movie in which the campers all escape when the caretaker’s homicidal son runs into town for lunch. That’s not how these things work. In order to finally break through Georgia is going to have to beat Alabama.

I don’t know how we do that. I hate that Robert Metchie suffered a serious knee injury, and that the Tide have some guys banged up on the offensive line. But none of that hurts our case.

It would also certainly help if Bryce Young didn’t have any fumbles bounce inexplicably into his hands and away from three Bulldog defenders, and if we could sack him at least a couple of times.

There’s a possibility that what we saw in Atlanta the first weekend of December was an outlier. In the dispersion of outcomes, there are going to be times when things just don’t go your way, and you don’t help yourself. To adopt an analogy, if she performs enough hangnail removals even the best podiatrist is bound to eventually take somebody’s toe off once.

Usually we don’t get to find out if the bad game result was the absolute worst outcome, or maybe even a relatively good one. Now however Georgia gets the rare opportunity to show that it’s loss in the SEC Championship Game was a fluke.

I’m not saying it was. I’m not saying it wasn’t. And I’m not going to be able to convince you if you sit on the other side of that divide. And in the same way that I don’t really feel completely comfortable trying to convince you of how this game will turn out, for once I don’t entirely feel comfortable telling you what to drink while the drama unfolds. The cocktail for this game is the old reliable reader’s choice. Feel free to let us know in the comments what libation you’ll be enjoying (?) this one with.

Go ‘Dawgs!!!

This post is one of a series previewing the Georgia/Alabama CFP National Championship Game brought to you by the folks at DraftKings. Odds/lines are subject to change. Terms & conditions apply.

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