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Thursday ‘Dawg Bites: Better Living Through Chemistry

I am calm and at peace with whatever happens Monday night because QUAALUDES!

NCAA Football: Orange Bowl-Georgia at Michigan
James Cook
Rhona Wise-USA TODAY Sports

It’s the Thursday before the Friday before the weekend before the Natty. My usual high anxiety is strangely absent and I am actually functioning at a much higher level at work this week than I was last week. It’s weird. At this point in the season, we are who we are; they are who they are. The next 5 days are going to fly by at the speed of cold molasses.

Here are some newsy notes and tiddly bits to start your day:

Word out of the All-American Bowl is that Georgia defensive lineman signee Mykel Williams is on another level, un-blockable and is simply blowing up practice.

Not sure how many times I can write it but Mykel Williams maybe the best player in Texas this week for either team. - Rusty Mansell, 247 Sports

Mykel Williams is having a sensational day. His quickness is too much for the East’s interior offensive line. – Charles Power, Director of scouting and ranking,

This kid is going to be pushing for playing time right off the bat in 2022.

After the Orange Bowl, I was perusing some of the Michigan YouTube content to get some reaction. Most every site was very complimentary of Georgia’s performance and players. None were more complimentary than these two gentlemen.

A couple of Wolverines who get it.

The Wall Street Journal has an interesting article on why an All-SEC Championship is no bueno for an expanded playoff.

In the end, whoever wins is likely to have to beat a good SEC team. It will be true with 4, 8 or 12. - Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby

Nolan Smith just wants to win. Preach, my boy. Preach. If #4 on defense has another performance like he did against Michigan we have a damn good chance.

Coach Todd Hartley picked up an award today as he was named the 2021 Tight Ends Coach of the Year. Hey, it’s about time one of our assistant coaches got recognized.

Todd Monken was singing the praises of Stetson Bennett during Wednesday’s press conference. Here’s hoping this will carry over in celebration sometime next Tuesday.

This Indianapolis TV station’s website has some useful information about where to go, what to do and what to eat for those of you lucky enough to be traveling to the Hoosier State. Here’s an interesting stat from the article:

When looking at who is buying those tickets, StubHub said 49% are coming from Georgia, 6% from Alabama and 5% from Florida.

I wonder if there will be more of us in the stands than them. It can’t hurt, right?

In hated arch-rival, booger-eatin’ gator news this is a bit of a surprise:

I guess the QB angst down in Alachua county will continue for another year. Not that I’m complaining. There is a glut of QB’s in the transfer portal. Some will find a new home as soon as the highest bidder’s check clears rather expeditiously. Some will, unfortunately, not find a new home. Some will probably do as Jones has done: opt back in - for better or for worse. Predictably, fan reaction isn’t exactly warm and fuzzy.

That’s all I’ve got.

As Always,