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Tuesday Dawg Bites Sees No Problem With Indy

NCAA Football: Orange Bowl-Georgia at Michigan Rhona Wise-USA TODAY Sports

The nine-day wait in between the Orange Bowl and either incredible joy or anguish I’m sure is welcomed by every person on the Georgia coaching staff.

Heck, even Kirby Smart bemoaned that the Crimson Tide had a four-hour or so start on game-planning after the Orange Bowl. It’s not as bad as it was for the Rose Bowl, where Georgia had to not only fly back cross-country, but also fight jet lag.

But for the fans? This week is straight-up torture. I would not be surprised if there are some fans already in Indy.

Speaking of...

The interwebs got off to a roaring start Monday with our fair state’s most widely-known mainsteam news outlet bemoaning how cold and expensive Indy will be...and going so far as to suggest some will be staying in Louisville where there is ‘more to do.’ If you believe that, I know of a great bargain on beachfront property in Albany...and the Flint River is not beachfront.

I get the cold. Georgia fans in Indy may be looking like the Jamaican bobsled team during Cool Runnings when it landed in Calgary.

Obviously, any slander of Indianapolis was met with a strong reaction. If nothing else..Fort Wayne entered the spotlight, somehow.

The suggestion of yours truly if arriving early in Indy? Go to the Speedway museum.

You knew SEC Shorts was coming for the jugular this week, and it didn’t disappoint, although a 2007 Mark Richt reference would have shut the internet down.

You already knew the transfer portal off the rails. It drove into a ditch and towards a riverbank with Oklahoma’s Caleb Williams entering the transfer portal.

In news that’d be more relevant if Georgia was not playing for a national title in less than a week, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that Athens could be a destination. After all...he did show heavy interest in 2019...

Monday might be huge for most every reader of this site. For those able to be there, it’s a once in a lifetime moment, even more so if the Dawgs win. But for Georgia’s players? If you go by what quarterback Stetson Bennett says, there’s no undaunting pressure in terms of getting ready.

“I’m just treating it as a football game,” Bennett said on his Monday CFP Championship Zoom call. “Do I know that means a lot to a lot of people? Yes. Am I trying to play some kind of savior by winning a national championship for millions of people? No. I don’t think that’s my job.

“My job is to go out there and throw completions to very talented people we have on this team. And I think it’s as simple as that.”

Worried about the status of Brock Bowers? Based on what Kirby Smart says, don’t do so.

Derion Kendrick got a bit of redemption in the Orange Bowl. It’d be very much another load of spice for the Georgia-Clemson rivalry if he ends up starting a season by beating his former team and continuing his legacy by doing something he has already done - beat Bama.

The late Jim Nabors, known better to us in TBS Braves Country from the 1980s as Gomer Pyle, was a fixture at the crown jewel event in the state of Indiana, the Indianapolis 500, marking pre-race ceremonies by singing ‘Back Home Again In Indiana.’

If Georgia wins Monday, Lucas Oil Stadium will be a pilgrimage site for Dawg fans.

Go Dawgs!