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Monday night was for everyone

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: JAN 10 CFP National Championship Photo by Robin Alam/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Last night was probably beyond the wildest dreams for many.

Sure, you may have told yourself, ‘one day, some day, Georgia will be a national title again.’

It may have seemed a faint hope with bad luck you could not dream up how fluky it was, but there was still a belief that if not now, one day, that time for this fan base will come...being the envy of the college football world...seeing “Georgia National Champs” in places other than punch lines about t-shirts sent to impoverished countries.

To quote Lewis Grizzard in January 1981 from New Orleans, “This one was forever.”

It was for that parent or grandparent that first introduced you to Georgia football

It was for countless Saturdays spent with the TV turned down and Munson turned up on the radio.

It was for that person who took you to your first Georgia game

It was for fans who were too young to remember the 1980 season

It was for younger fans wondering if it’d happen again

It was for those who have PTSD when thinking of Todd Blackledge and his long pass in the Sugar Bowl.

It was for Larry Munson, Dan Magill, Lewis Grizzard, icons who epitomized what it meant to be a Bulldog

It was for coaches like Ray Goff, a DGD who had the bad circumstance of coming into the head coaching position at the same time as the HBC at Florida

It was for Mark Richt, who had championship-caliber teams only to see fate elude them of a title

It was for fans who wondered if the only way to experience a championship season would be through Youtube

It was for those of us that grew up watching old VHS tapes about the 1980 season and reading the ‘Glory, Glory’ book, and hopes of that time coming again feeling like you were reading something from the Old Testament.

It was for dear friends and loved ones from the Bulldog Nation that we’ve lost in the past year or two.

It was for the 1992 season and a loss at Tennessee that kept Georgia from playing for an SEC title

It was for having to endure Auburn’s upward swing post-Jan Kemp

It was for being Steve Spurrier’s target of punishment in the WLOCP

It was for Florida ruining an unbeaten 2002 season

It was for Jasper Sanks being down

It was for the 2004 Tennessee game

It was for Kirk Herbstreit all of sudden lobbying against Georgia in 2007

It was for being five yards short in 2012

It was for friends you tailgate with that are family

It was for long road trips home after an unexpected loss

It was for the 2008 Blackout game

It was for being soaking wet against Alabama in 2015

It was for Tyler Simmons being onside

It was for a fake punt gone wrong

It was for all the 1980 jokes

It was for the 2nd and 26 wisecracks.

Last night? It was for everyone.

Go Dawgs!