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What They’re Saying: Roundup of Predictions

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Ever since the clock struck 00:00 in Charlotte against Clemson on Labor Day weekend, the Dawgs playing on January 10th has been a real possibility. Well, today is January 10th, and Georgia is indeed in Indianapolis.

We all know about the drought since 1980, and we are familiar with the recent heartbreaks against Alabama. Despite all of that, Vegas has listed Georgia as a three-point favorite against the Tide. As the brilliant Graham Coffey pointed out, UGA was also the favorite in the 2017 SEC Championship Game despite being crushed a few weeks earlier by the same opponent. Cross your fingers history repeats itself!

Of course, Vegas isn’t the only who has weighed in on the game tonight. Experts and non-experts alike have voiced their opinion on how they think the game will go down tonight:

  • Sports Illustrated’s staff is split down the middle for Georgia and Alabama. Pat Forde and Richard Johnson are leaning Georgia, while Ross Dellenger and John Garcia are opting for the Tide.
  • Colin Cowherd always as something to say, and this time, Cowherd is saying there is no proof Georgia can be competitive against Alabama. I always enjoy when the talking heads with the hot takes are proven dead wrong.
  • The staff of the Athletic, with notable names such as Stewart Mandel, Andy Staples, and Nicole Auerbach, believes Alabama will be national champions by a 5-4 split in vote.
  • An all-SEC title game would not be complete without a prediction from Paul Finebaum. To no one’s surprise, Finebaum is taking Bama tonight. Tuesday’s Finebaum Show is going to be delightful with ecstatic callers from Georgia, Pawwwwlllllll.
  • The FiveThirtyEight model is giving the Dawgs a 55% chance of winning tonight’s game in Indy. Computers are supposed to be smarter than people, right??
  • Before Nick Saban, the thorn in Georgia’s side was Steve Spurrier. Well, the Ol’ Ball Coach believes the Dawgs will lift the trophy tonight. He may truly believe the Dawgs will get revenge much like his ’96 Gators did against FSU to win the title, however, he could be trolling the Dawgs yet again.
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers cornerback Richard Sherman stated that he believes that the Tide will blow Georgia out again. I don’t know if this is true or not, but I do know for certain that, given the chance to win the game with the ball on the goal line, we will not run a slant.
  • In what is usually the kiss of death for a team, TNT’s Charles Barkley guaranteed that the Bulldogs would win the national championship tonight. While Barkley’s track record for making guarantees is mediocre at best, he did recently guarantee the Atlanta Braves would win the World Series. In the words of Carl Spackler, “So I got that going for me, which is nice”.
  • Finally, Dawgsports’ Joey Hnath, aka me, myself, and I, has had enough. I was in attendance for the Blackout Game my freshman year in Athens. I was 15 rows up in the endzone where Chris Conley caught the tipped pass. I experienced the same heartbreak every Dawg fan did when backup quarterbacks defeated UGA twice in 2018. Seven straight times Bama has beaten UGA. But not tonight. Georgia comes out with a vengeance, playing a physical brand of football that was their trademark for 13 of the 14 games during the 2021 season. Our offense limits mistakes, our defense causes havoc, and Georgia exorcises every demon and finally reaches the pinnacle of the sport once again.

For one last time this season… GO DAWGS!!!

Only twice in the charted plays on was this concept run by Alabama on anything but 3rd or 4th down. Watch and see what adjustments Lanning and Smart have on this play in Monday’s game.

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See for details.