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Gameday Morning Dawg Bites Will Be The One To Knock It Down

This is my mistake, let me make it good...

2022 CFP National Championship - Georgia v Alabama - Preview Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The time has finally come. Tonight is the College Football Playoff National Championship game between your Georgia Bulldogs and the Alabama Crimson Tide. While we’ve all got our own opinions on what can or will happen, I think we can all agree that the performance the Dawgs brought to the SECCG was not their best and was not an accurate representation of what the team is capable of doing. Some of that was caused by an excellent performance by the Crimson Tide, of course, but there was certainly plenty of blame to go around in terms of Georgia’s failure to execute the gameplan on both sides of the ball. They put themselves in a position to lose and lose badly in numerous situations throughout. And as frustrating as that was, it puts the team in prime position to play tonight’s game for redemption. To show what they can really do against the best competition they’ve faced all season. As with any time Alabama has come up on the schedule, it’s an opportunity to exorcise the demons of events this season and in seasons past. Whether or not that comes to pass relies on each and every player with a G on their helmet bringing their absolute best. If they do so, I personally believe they can walk out of Lucas Oil Stadium with a national championship. Alabama is, as always, a strong and disciplined team... but I think Georgia’s players have the skills and ability to take their fate in their own hands and turn the mistakes and failures of the past into “the way things were” and start anew with “the way things are”. Now they just have to overcome the psychological hurdles and do it. Let’s go!

  • Let’s begin with a comprehensive review of how you can watch and listen to tonight’s game:
  • Next up, let’s get hyped with Georgia’s final game trailer of the season (as narrated by DGD and Hall of Famer Terrell Davis)
  • If you’re looking for a way to kill the last hour before tonight’s kickoff, you could always tune in to WSB-TV for their “Road 2 The Championship” special.
  • We mentioned it over the weekend, but it’s probably worth taking a last minute glance at the injury report. It’s often said that things have to fall just right for a team to win a championship and things are looking about as good as you could hope for on the injury front.
  • That redemption I mentioned above? Well, if you’d like to put yourself through the agony of revisiting why it’s necessary, you can do that.
  • And speaking of agony, here is either a fun “ooh that’s interesting” trip down memory lane or a soul-crushing reminder of why this game carries so much weight.
  • You probably saw over the weekend that Spurrier and Charles Barkley have cursed the Dawgs by picking Georgia to win tonight. Well I have some good news! At least one village idiot is doing us a favor.
  • If you’re going to be at Lucas Oil Stadium tonight, here are some of the things you can use to soak up what I’m sure will be copious amounts of bourbon in your stomach.
  • Before we go, if you’re interested in the picks of some of the college football pundits both straight up and against the spread, you can give this a look. I don’t know if this should make me feel better or feel worse, but it definitely makes me feel like nobody really has any idea what’s going to happen.
  • And finally, because we are nothing if not a basketball blog, the Lady Dawgs came back from a 21 point deficit last night to defeat Alabama. I don’t think that does anything to nudge the Dawgs closer to victory tonight, but it couldn’t hurt, right?

And that’s a wrap on Dawg Bites for this incredibly eventful football season in Dawg Nation. Enjoy the game, yell until you shred your vocal cords, and remember, win or lose, it’s always great to be a Georgia Bulldog.

Until next time...


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