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A Double Dose of Dawg Sports Live: UGA-Clemson Reaction & Film Study

Duke’s Mayo Classic - Georgia v Clemson Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Well, that was fun wasn’t it?

While Graham was busy screaming “THAT’S CHRISTOPHER!!!” and hugging strangers in Charlotte last Saturday night, Josh was jumping into his ceiling and sprinting up and down his hallway. You see, beating Clemson was going to make your hosts happy either way, but having the official ambassador of Dawg Sports Live score the only touchdown of the game on a pick-six made it as sweet a win as we can remember.

On Sunday, Graham and Josh got together to talk about what the win meant, and cover some big takeaways.

We reconvened yesterday to dig deeper into what UGA did well and what needs to be cleaned up by the Bulldogs as they hit some games where they should be able to focus on fundamentals.

Georgia beat Clemson, and this defense is something we’ve never seen before. What they did last weekend might be one of the greatest defensive performances in the history of the sport, especially when you consider the high flying offensive era of the game it occurred in.

What’s scary? There’s a lot that can be improved upon, and there is plenty of studs who are going to get healthy in the coming weeks and months. When you mix them into this stew, Chef Kirby might have a national championship squad on his hands.