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Thursday Morning ‘Dawg Bites Thinks the Sky May or May Not be Falling

So, what’s another injury to a key offensive player?

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Duke’s Mayo Classic - Georgia v Clemson Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Good morning, err’body. So, about the time I got home from work on Wednesday and reached for my after-work snack (an apple...I’m really trying), I casually opened up my Twitter feed and wouldn’t you know it? More injury news. At least it wasn’t a foot. Seriously.

So, what does this mean if J.T. can’t go against UAB on Saturday at 3:30 (ESPN2)? Who knows? Maybe Daniels is just “dinged” and this is much ado about nothing. Maybe we play another super-conservative offensive game and run the ball all day knowing UAB will have a difficult time scoring.

Perhaps Carson Beck, listed at #2 on the depth chart, gets the start with Brock Vandagriff and Stetson Bennett liberally rotating to get meaningful reps.

Maybe we line up Devonte Wyatt under center and just pound the ball with Jalen Carter playing fullback.

Maybe we just forfeit.

Am I worried?* I’m immune to worrying when it comes to Georgia Football. I’ve been living and dying by this team since the early 70’s and, in my advancing age have finally realized that worrying has never helped (or hurt) the fortunes of the Red ‘n Black and has only served to cause indigestion and heavy drinking. Now, I do worry if I’m out of Zantac and Maker’s. Sometimes an injury like this affects you adversely; sometimes they’re a blessing in disguise (Jake Fromm in for an injured Jacob Eason comes to mind). We’ll be fine.

*Not to be confused with Munsoning.

Preach, Graham.

I’ve had an oblique strain before. It can be a nagging thing that heals up fairly quickly or it can really be a painful, long-lasting condition that takes more than a few weeks to settle down. Fortunately, we aren’t exactly facing a gauntlet through the end of this month.

In other news...

Jordan Davis got himself a sticky sweet NIL deal with Gorilla Glue. I’m thinking he’ll get a few more before this season is up.

One person isn’t impressed with our beloved Davis:

I’m not going to aid his clickbait tally but direct linking this particular imbecilic Tweet. In a perfect world, big #99 would find this guy, hog tie him, and then Gorilla Glue his buns together.

Seth Emerson over at The Athletic ($$) has a study in the design and architecture of the defense.

UAB is embracing the moment and looking forward to the challenge of playing Between the Hedges.

And now, your meteorological minute:

Who’s going on Saturday? The weather for early September will be absolutely sublime with a good deal of sunshine and highs topping out in the mid 80’s. But the thing is this: the dewpoint temperatures will be very low for this time of the year and this will make for an unusually comfortable experience and much less humid than your typical home opener. Thank you, Canada!

As Always, GO DAWGS!