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Tuesday Dawg Bites has had enough mayo

NCAA Football: Georgia at Clemson Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Monday’s press conference day in Athens for Georgia head coach Kirby Smart, so typically, if there’s tangible info, odds are good that you will hear about it.

This week was no exception as Smart divulged that the Bulldogs are experiencing a spike in COVID-19 cases of their own. In truth, hearing ‘we’ve got some guys out with COVID” is probably going to be the norm. It’s of note that Georgia has released this info - remember, this is a regime that takes great pains not to release info. The whole world knowing that Georgia had multiple players and staffers dealing with COVID is not an accident.

There’s irony, of course, in the fact that Georgia has COVID concerns within its own program at the same time that it plans to have full capacity this Saturday with no restrictions against UAB.

Say this for Trevor Lawrence. He’s a man of his word. One of many Peach State gunslingers who got away (that’s a stomach ache for another time) you could tell had an uneasy feeling each time he was shown on TV during Saturday night’s game. Perhaps some of it could have had to do with the looming payup of a wager that the Jaguar’s golden-armed savior would have to answer for this week.

Georgia is already shuffling its offensive line after Tate Ratledge, who went down to injury in Saturday’s first play, will now miss the entire season. That means that there’s multiple options for the Dawgs up front and a bit less depth.

One scenario could be Saturday’s in-game rotation which put Warren Ericson at right guard and Sedrick Van Pran in place of Ericson at center.

This UAB game has a bit of the 2017 Mississippi State game to it. If you recall, Georgia was coming off an emotional win against Notre Dame, and demons of Georgia past had fans wondering, in addition to some self-crowned experts, of whether or not Georgia would come in focused two weeks in a row.

In case you forgot - the Dawgs did just that.

It’s a similar setup this weekend with a big win being in the rear-view mirror and a lesser-known, but plenty formidable opponent coming to town in UAB.

The Red & Black has side-by-side look at how the linebackers stack up against one another.

Don’t get me wrong. The win of Clemson was awesome. But can we please not play a game sponsored by mayo ever, ever again?

The crazy self-dousing with mayo was bad enough. The coup de grace came in this clip from one of the hosts from our friends at The Shutdown Fullcast.

Go Dawgs!