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Dawgs Running Back Room Will Be Key in a Georgia Victory

Georgia vs South Carolina Photo by Tony Walsh/Collegiate Images/Getty Images

Earlier in week, we showed PFF Grades of both Clemson and Georgia’s offensive and defensive lines. Clemson is returning not only experience but highly graded players on it’s D Line. Well, if we dig down and look at what might be critical point of emphasis for Georgia, the rushing attack and how the metrics for the Tigers matchup.

It’s no secret that Georgia has one of the better RB Rooms in the country. Returning everyone from its 2020 roster. Zamir White is the unquestionable RB1 as runner and blocker and James Cook, an explosive veteran who continues to show value as more than just a “change of pace” running back.

Not only does the backfield bring back experience, but White’s .247 EPA is third best in returning SEC RBs with 100 carries behind UK’s Chris Rodriguez (.528 67% SR). and Kevin Harris (.307 46% SR). (SR is success rate – percentage of plays which gain percentage of yards to gain EPA is a numerical value to a play based on down distance and field position. Read detailed explanation here)

Fans know that to get and stay on field, running backs need to block in pass protection. Cook ranks 9th in SEC in returning RBs according to PFF. White is 20th. Edwards’s 74.7 grade is 3rd best returning in limited playing.

I think that James Cook could be the MVP for this Georgia offense. In addition to proving value both running and blocking. Cook’s 2020 season ranked second in SEC with 10.3 YPP on explosive plays and 9th best with .953 EPA on those runs. He is an absolute weapon. This is just as a RB.

Here is a highlight of what the Georgia backfield is bring back this season.

Clemson’s defensive line a lot of experience, but according to PFF Grades, they only rank 51st in returning Power 5 Run Defense Grade of 57.1. Georgia ranks 7th with a run defense 65.8. Here are players you’ll see battling it out in this stress point for Georgia’s offense and the Tiger’s defense