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Friday Dawg Bites is One Day Away

Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl - Cincinnati v Georgia Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

Well folks, today is the day before the day. Whether you’re planning your menu for a day full of football at home, prepping your liver before getting together with friends, or traveling to Charlotte to see the game, we wish you a safe and happy day before the day.

Last night we got to watch some football, and it was a blast seeing fans back in the stands all over the country. Speaking of blasts, the hype video from UGA’s in-house social media team has us ready to run through a wall. The narration from Ernie Johnson is a nice touch too.

After months of hype and prep for this game you would think that there’d be nothing left for Georgia and Clemson to do but strap on their pads and go play. Well, it’s not quite that simple. Message boards are full of rumors about both teams. There are whispers of Clemson defensive lineman Tyler Davis testing positive for Covid. Those whispers come with questions about who he might have been in contact with. If that’s not enough drama for you, there is talk of Justyn Ross having an injury of some sort.

On the Georgia side there are questions about who Ron Courson may have been in contact with. Is there a star player who might have been in contact with him? Are there key players among the small percentage of the roster who have yet to be vaccinated?

While message board rumors pop up often, some of these stories have been shared by so many people that they are starting to feel true. At this point we probably won’t know until kickoff if either team has some late scratches.

As far as pregame reading, we have a ton of stuff for you here at Dawg Sports. GlimmerTwinDawg dropped his 3 Things That Worry Me About Clemson yesterday, and he asked the tough questions that we’ve all been wondering about ahead of this game.

HNDawg has you covered with what’s happening Around the SEC, and RedCrake dropped your Week 1 TV Schedule as well. It’s definitely starting to feel like football season around here. If you haven’t watched the show that Dawg_Stats and I put on we have gone very deep on this game for the last month. We have talked to experts on both sides and even called Yahoo’s Dan Wetzel in to tell us about his opinion of this game yesterday. You can visit our YouTube channel for hours of analysis on this game and the 2021 season across college football.

So what will happen on Saturday? I think if you can answer the question of which offensive line hold up best then you can probably answer who will win the game. I have more faith in Georgia’s oline than Clemson’s, and I also believe that the UGA defensive line is sick of hearing about how great the opposing front seven is. I think they will take it personally. If I was Dabo Swinney, DJ Uiagaleilei, or any other Clemson Tiger, I wouldn’t want to see Jordan Davis, Devonte Wyatt, Adam Anderson, Nolan Smith, and all of their friends when they are angry.

The line between those dynamic pass rushers and DJ on Saturday night will be green in some spots. Swinney said this week that Clemson will rotate centers and beat reporters have disclosed that the Tigers will likely start a true freshman at guard. I think the best unit in this game is UGA’s defensive line. Clemson’s offensive line might be the worst unit in this game.

Clemson insiders are adamant that the Tigers won’t be able to run on the Dawgs. That means DJ will have to do a lot on his own, and I don’t think he can do that with the Dawgs dline in the backfield with him.

I like Georgia to win, and I won’t be shocked if they do so by a somewhat comfortable margin. That UGA interior line is just too good and if they’re super disruptive it might be hard for Clemson to run its most basic stuff.

Whether I’m right or wrong, tomorrow night is going to be fun…