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Tuesday Dawg Bites is getting ready to rise early

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NCAA Football: Georgia at Arkansas Brett Rojo-USA TODAY Sports

As much as many of...ok, all of us wish that some sort of injunction could be put in place to move Saturday’s kickoff to anytime but Noon, that’s simply not the case.

Look, it could be worse. It could always be 1991 when everyone was all about the weedeaters when these two teams played in the Independence Bowl, which to all us will always be the “Poulan Weedeater Bowl.”

The fact is that the best thing that all Georgia fans can do is embrace the Noon kickoff and make it one of the best gameday atmospheres in a long, long time.

I, for the life of me cannot remember a game of this magnitude starting so early - my first time Between The Hedges was in 1990. But before then, it was very common for midday starts before TV ruled the day...hence why a marquee matchup is played at Noon and the World Series starts at 9 pm.

Saturday will be a bit of a throwback...which means that both teams should give us a last-minute gift by having both coaches go throwback with their gameday attire. Yes, that means Kirby in a shirt and tie and most importantly, THE hat of college football in the 1990s. The UGA Bookstore even has a reproduction in stock...

In news that’ll make opposing defensive coordinators have more heartburn than Braves fans learning that Will Smith is warming up in the bullpen, Kirby Smart said Monday that tight end Darnell Washington and defensive back Tykee Smith are a full-go. So already dangerous Brock Bowers to go with an absolute mismatch nightmare in Washington...good luck to the other guys.

Needless to say - with two huge games coming up, the timing cannot be much better.

Last year’s game between these two teams in Fayetteville was offensive to watch. Hopefully, no small children saw it. As for the Razorbacks, Kirby Smart says not to expect anything like the Arkansas team that you saw across the opposing sideline

Go Dawgs.....and rest up for Saturday