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Dawgs Lead Power 5 In Net Yards Per Play

Georgia with an absolute domination of Vanderbilt padded its yardage stats for the season. The Bulldogs now lead all Power 5 teams in Net yards per play. Coastal Carolina leads all FBS in this stat with 3.8 net yards per play

Georgia has cracked the top 15 nationally in Offense Yards Per Play. SEC has 7 of the top 15 in power 5 in this stat. Six of those seven teams are averaging over 7.0 yards per play on offense. Saturday’s noon matchup with Arkansas will be one between two of the most efficient teams in all of college football.

Georgia leads the country and power 5 in yards per play allowed and over a half a yard better than number 2 Iowa in this stat. Arkansas having played a Texas team that put up 70 yesterday is clearly an outstanding team. Kentucky is playing extremely well on the defensive side of the ball and with the improved offense will be a tough out for SEC foes