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15 Thoughts Wants You to be Elite

Kirby has called for an early arriving, elite crowd on Saturday. That could be a challenge...

Georgia v Vanderbilt
The first touchdown of many for #84

Before we jump into a few thoughts, some news:

And a Public Service Announcement:

I hope Josh Brooks opens up all available lots early. Thursday might do. Traffic is going to be a nightmare and we need butts-in-seats on time.

Georgia obliterated Vanderbilt on Saturday in a game that was literally over after Vandy’s first possession and Georgia’s subsequent score. Some folks feel like there was a “revenge” factor involved considering last year’s Commodore cancellations. Georgia is just that much better. And make no mistake: Vandy is bad. Them’s just the facts. Things get a whole lot more intersting on 10/2.

1. Do you realize that JT Daniels only took 20 snaps from center yesterday? During the 35-point first-quarter onslaught, Daniels went 9 for 10 (should’ve been 10 for 10), 129 yards with a pair of touchdowns. Short of a bubble-wrap uniform, this is ideal. He got reps, he hit his targets and he shined.

2. As JT continues to heal from his oblique strain, his mechanics continue to improve and this was evident from the start. We know JT has a legit arm. What we saw in the opener in no way resembles what we are witnessing today. He’s a completely different animal.

3. The youth at the skill positions on this team is scary good. This was the perfect game to take the wraps off and try a few wrinkles which we all saw to great effect early, and often.

4. No one can cover Brock “Bronk” Bowers in a one-on-one situation. He’s doing everything well: blocking, route running, receiving - all of it. I love the way he catches the ball with his hands. I still cannot get over how fast he is. He’s the best tight end in the League right now. He might be the best in all of college football. Did I mention he can run. (Jumbo) Jet sweep for the win!

This play alone is going to give opposing defensive coordinators nightmares going forward.

5. It was good to see Kearis Jackson get a little more involved as he continues to heal up. He caught a couple of passes with a long of 28 yards. His production is about to ramp up.

Depth at the slot position is very good with the coming out party of Ladd McConkey. Do not mistake him for as a “possession” receiver. He’s a playmaker and Todd Monken did a great job of getting him touches. He’s cat-quick, shifty and has very good hands.

He’s good at playing the football game.

6. The running back rotation got a workout with Zamir White leading the way in terms of yardage. Kendall Milton did not play as he was held out after getting a bit dinged up last week against South Carolina. I was impressed with how tough a runner Daijun Edwards is. Ten carries for 46 yards doesn’t really pop out, but it is how he runs. He does not go backwards. He’s got a low center of gravity and if we need a yard or a foot, he’ll get it for us. He nearly scored on special teams as well when Vandy’s James Ziglor fumled a kickoff after we were up 14-0. James Cook, Kenny McIntosh all got significant carries.

7. The offensive line looked better. There are a few inconsistencies but I thought the guard play, overall, was good. We are seeing the emergence of Amarius Mims at left tackle. Arkansas has a very good defensive front. JT and Stetson Bennett had the luxury of time in the pocket with virtually no pressure. It’ll be a bit different in a few days.

8. Georgia has so many options to its disposal on offense with some guys poised to return on Saturday against Arkansas. I think we’ll see Darnell Washington back in the rotation. Arian Smith didn’t play, but should return. Still waiting on word from the staff on Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint who got banged up, but with Kearis Jackson coming back at full strength soon, Jermaine Burton and AD Mitchell on the field we’ve got the guys. Perhaps Dom Blaylock returns as well.

9. On defense, what can you possible say on a day when the opposition only gained 77 total yards? Vanderbilt’s longest play from scrimmage was a 13 yard gain when QB Mike Wright replaced Ken Seals. Seals is a pocket passer; Wright is a dual-threat guy. Wright gave us a little taste of what Arkansas will bring to the table next week in QB KJ Jefferson (who got dinged up in their win vs. Texas A&M) and in that moment when Wright entered the game, I smiled. This is a great preview of what we’ll face next week.

Big sexy...

10. Jalen Carter had 3 total tackles, 2 solo and 1 tackle for loss. He’s unblockable. Watch as he tosses a rather large human being aside and makes the play:

Mon dieu!

11. A ton of guys played on defense. Robert Beal, Jr. recorded the only sack on the day and played very well. Vandy couldn’t pass nor run. Two things in general occur when this happens: You rest your starters and play dudes. And field a lot of punts. Vandy punted 9 times.

12. Some of the young guys who played really flashed. Kamari Lassiter got his first career pick on a beatiful diving catch (Christopher Smith got the other one). Zion Logue continues to develop on the line and is a very good athlete in his own right. MJ Sherman should get more playing time going forward as he is finally healthy. A lot of guys who are the future got meaningful minutes and that is a very big deal.

13. The kicking game is back on track. Jack Podlesny was a perfect 2/2 on field goals and seems to have gotten his mojo back. Jake Camarda only punted twice into a short field. Ladd McConkey had a nifty 19 yard return on one of his 2 chances. Jake Camarda is still icing his leg and drinking a mojito from all those kickoffs. This may or may not be true. About the ice, anyway.

14. Georgia rolled up a Vandy team as expected. The efficiency and swiftness of the execution was about as impressive a thing as I have seen in many years. I can honestly say this is the first Georgia I have actually watched while laying prone from my couch. I don’t think it’ll be this way on Saturday.

Did I mentioned Jalen Carter is unblockable?

Mon Dieu, 2!

15. I think this Georgia team could be the best in the nation. The defense is elite and we know that. The offense is on the cusp of being in this class as well. Arkansas presents a challenge and the KJ Jefferson to Treylon Burks connection is a dangerous one. Treion Smith is a very good back. They even have a receiver named AJ Green, so you know he’s good.

This game is a nooner, folks. Kirby wants you on that well, Kirby NEEDS you on that wall. Show up early and as sober happy as possible. We need that home field advantage.


  • Has the sun set on Bo Nix at Auburn? It took their backup quarterback to save the Tigers against Georgia State yesterday. Auburn got a huge break on their game winning drive when a trapped ball was ruled a catch. I know the play was reviewed by the League office in Birmingham, but the mere site of Marc Curles officiating a game gives me the yips.
  • I watched Tennessee-Florida. If the Vols were not so error prone and undisciplined (yeah, a big if with this bunch), this game would have been a lot closer than the 38-14 score indicated. Florida has better talent and were probably going to win anyway, but Tennessee beat themselves often. Florida’s defense does not scare me one iota.
  • Is Clemsoning back? Oh, how we’ve missed you.

Way to lay out there at the end, JR.

  • And another early season Heisman favorite has now become the 2nd favorite quarterback on the team:

That’s all I’ve got.

As Always, GO DAWGS!