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The Friday Tailgate Is Coming To Burn Your Pedal Tavern

Georgia v Florida Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Welcome to the Friday Tailgate, where we do what we must to pass the time between now and a noon kickoff in Nashville.

Maestro, the music that’s like the Commodores, only better:

For this afternoon‘s iteration of the Friday Tailgate I thought it might be fun to bring back one of our long-standing traditions here at Dawg Sports: a good game of over/under. It works like this. I state a numerical proposition for tomorrow’s game. You guess whether the actual result will be over or under that number. For example, if I say “Jack Podlesny will hit 1.9 field goals”, zero or one would be the under. If you believe Hot Pod will hit two or more three pointers, you’d guess “over.”

It doesn’t get any simpler than that. And games like this one are ripe for just this sort of prop bet, as you’ll see below.

Over or Under, Dawg Sports readers?

  1. JT Daniels throws for 299.9 yards.
  2. Stetson Bennett attempts 8.9 passes.
  3. Brock Vandagriff attempts 3.9 passes.
  4. The Bulldog defense surrenders 49.9 net rushing yards.
  5. The Vanderbilt Commodore defense records 1.9 sacks.
  6. Zamir White rushes 19.9 times.
  7. Daijun Edwards rushes 5.9 times.
  8. The Bulldog defense surrenders 0.9 touchdowns.
  9. Vanderbilt scores 6.9 points.
  10. Georgia records 5.9 defensive points (safeties, defensive touchdowns, etc.)
  11. Brock Bowers catches 0.9 touchdown passes.
  12. Darnell Washington catches 0.9 passes period.
  13. Arian Smith catches 0.9 touchdown passes.
  14. Ladd McConkey catches 0.9 touchdowns.
  15. Nakobe Dean tallies 2.9 sacks.
  16. Nolan Smith tallies 2.9 sacks.
  17. Georgia scores 49.9 points.

Think deeply, choose wisely, and share your work in the comments.

Go ‘Dawgs!!