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Yes, there really are three keys to beating Vandy

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 18 South Carolina at Georgia Photo by John Adams/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

I know that being a Georgia fan should not make you overconfident, but it is hard not to do so this week. This Georgia team is very good. The Commodores of Vanderbilt are bad, even by Vandy standards.

Talent-wise, UAB might even be better than them.

The good news is that we as fans can be overconfident while Georgia’s players and coaches cannot do so.

Yes, there are keys to a win.

Don’t sleepwalk

Hopefully, Georgia’s players don’t party as much as Georgia fans will on Friday night on Broadway and get in trouble for ‘team rules violations.’ The Noon start time - 11 am locally will for sure throw Georgia off, and it’ll be important not to slip to a few early three and outs and start slow.

Penalties, penalties, and penalties

Want a surefire way to let a lesser team hang around? Commit dumb penalties of the pre-snap variety or have a player fall victim to the idiotic targeting rule. Georgia needs to start strong offensively - holding penalties or false start flags would douse water on that for the Dawgs, and they need to avoid that.

Apply pressure

This Vanderbilt team is offensively challenged. The best way to exacerbate that on Saturday will be to clog the running lanes and reduce extensions of plays from inside the passing pocket. If Georgia does that, it’s an easy win.

Go Dawgs!