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Dawg Sports Live: Previewing UGA-Vandy & Making Week 4 Picks

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 18 South Carolina at Georgia Photo by John Adams/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Graham and Josh were back at it yesterday evening for a jam packed late-night edition of Dawg Sports Live.

First off, there’s been some worrying about the UGA secondary lately, but Josh is here with some numbers and player ratings to put you to ease… Hey, they don’t call him Dawg_Stats for nothing, right?

So this is normally the time of the week where we show you guys clips of the opposition and talk about what they do well and how we think Georgia matches up in the game ahead. Well, Vanderbilt isn’t very good y’all. We won’t go so far to say that our time is important, but there’s more valuable things to do with it than cut up clips of Vanderbilt’s football team.

Georgia will win this game by a lot. Vanderbilt’s Ken Seals is not a very good quarterback. Is that due to the lack of weapons around him, the lack of protection he gets, or Seals himself? That’s a mystery for future generations to ponder. What I do know is that the only thing Vanderbilt has really done well this year is run off the right edge. I doubt Georgia’s front seven will let them do that too well on Saturday.

At the end of the day, the Dawgs should be able to name their score on Saturday afternoon. Those Dawgs in attendance can probably head back to the bars on Broadway at halftime with the game well in hand.

That brings us to our guilty pleasure… Gambling! Thanks to all of the support from you fine folks, Dawg Sports Live is now big enough that people want to give us money to advertise on the show. The folks at OddsJam have been kind enough to sponsor us. Not only do we appreciate their checks, but we also really like what they do on their website.

We make picks every week on Dawg Sports Live, but they have taken our value betting to another level. We brought Alex from OddsJam on to talk a little bit about their tools, but the gist of it is this. If you’re going to bet on Georgia to beat Vanderbilt on Saturday wouldn’t you like to get the best ROI possible? Well, they track US sportsbook odds at every sportsbook out there. You can find the best moneyline and point spread odds and they also track live odds as well.

This has allowed us to find some plus expected value and their tracking tools for sports betting bankroll management keep our wives from divorcing us. These are all good things and you should check them out even if you’re just casual betters who throw around a little fun money like us.