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Dawgs Secondary Grades Out Well with PFF

Georgia is putting up elite numbers on defense. Second in Power 5 Success Rate allowed behind Wisconsin. UGA ranks first in Defensive EPA allowed, and top 10 in Defensive YPP.

National Defensive Yards and Advanced Metrics

Social media and others had concerns about the secondary after Gamecock Wideout, Josh Vann had a night. While it’s true, that type of performance is expected and may be one of the few ways to attack the Bulldog defense. Graham Coffey alluded to that in the USC preview show of Dawg Sports Live that rolling out and attacking downfield might be the only way to move the ball.

Even with the lone TD on Saturday surrendered on the long TD, UGA’s secondary has the highest average PFF grade for DBs and CBs. With the elite DL and LB corps attacking the QB, certainly has taken the edge of offenses to attack. The Georgia secondary has fewest targets and receptions in SEC. And good news, Tykee Smith is getting healthy.

This graph has been updated with overall coverage grade as rated by PFF