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Tuesday Dawg Bites Is Munson-Worrying About Things

NCAA Football: South Carolina at Georgia Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

For most teams, putting up numbers like Georgia has through three games, both in terms of yards allowed and a 3-0 record would be cause to be carefree this weekend, especially with hapless Vanderbilt on the horizon this weekend in Nashville.

But this team may as well be walking down the hallway afraid that there’s a trapdoor around the corner. That’s because if there’s something to nitpick and be concerned about, it’s the pass defense - we saw it first-hand Saturday when South Carolina’s Josh Vann got downfield and made plays more than would be desired.

As we noted after Saturday, Georgia made some mistakes against the Gamecocks that didn’t cost them. Against better teams, that margin of error won;t be there, and one of them could very well be next weekend with Arkansas in town.

Speaking of Arkansas - TV networks apparently want us all to suffer given the fact that the Arkansas game, a possible matchup of two top-20 teams has been slotted for a Noon kickoff.

It’s been touched on recently about the perils of a Noon kickoff. Given the fact of the Razorbacks being a team that gets better and better each week, playing a game of this nature at noon does not help the inner Munson within us.

If you’re looking for injury news that’s good, you have reached the right place.

It’s good enough news for Georgia that Tykee Smith and Darnell Washington are closer to returning. But the news is even better as George Pickens has taken a step forward in his recovery. Not to overstate things, but if Georgia can get Pickens on the field before the Georgia Tech game, then a statue of Ron Courson needs to be erected on campus.

Go Dawgs!