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Third Quarter Open Thread

South Carolina v Georgia Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

Well that first half was... something.

Several things really. It began with Georgia marching down the field for two quick touchdown drives, then inserting Stetson Bennett for a terrible interception and losing all offensive momentum. They got a little bit of inertia back by ending the quarter with two nice scoring drives, including what won’t be the last touchdown pass AD Mitchell hauls in at Sanford Stadium.

The defense remains a wonder, scoring two more points to now lead the offenses they’ve played against 16-9. Statistically this one looks as one-sided as the scoreboard if not more so. Georgia leads handily in first downs (17-4), total yardage (332-131), and penalty yardage (50-25).

JT Daniels is a tidy 17 of 21 passing for 245 yards and 2 touchdowns. I really worried after we saw Stetson Bennett come in then Daniels hand it off three times in a row on the next drive that his oblique injury may have been re-aggravated. But judging by that strike to Mitchell, if that’s the case maybe JT needs to throw sore more often.

All in all this first half felt like watching a Bugatti driven around the race track by a preoccupied driver. Even missing a couple of gear shifts and never getting out of fourth gear it’s still way faster than Shane Beamer’s Hyundai. But it would be nice to see that sucker opened up in the second half.

Go ‘Dawgs!!!