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Cocktail Thursday: South Carolina Edition

old fashioned

If your Georgia Bulldogs are preparing to open SEC play, Kirby Smart has labeled his starting quarterback “a game time decision”, and you’re also slightly traumatized by South Carolina’s last visit to Athens, you could probably use a drink. I can help you with that.

I’m still not entirely sure what to think about Shane Beamer’s Gamecocks. On the one hand, they may have the least impressive 2-0 record in all of major college football.

On the other hand, they did get to 2-0 with a graduate transfer quarterback at the helm, their All- SEC tailback still healing from off-season surgery, and a defense that should be better than it has played so far. I think the Garnet and Black are going to regress to the mean, I’m just not sure whether that mean is above or below where they are now.

Long-term, Coach Beamer will be bedeviled by the same problems that have hampered his predecessors not named Steve Spurrier. The recruiting base will remain relatively unappealing, especially if Clemson and Georgia continue to be formidable. Columbia will continue to be a fair to middling destination to which to recruit players. The sad truth will remain that at the beginning of every college football season there are no more than a dozen teams whose fans have any realistic reason to consider booking a hotel room for the national title game. And South Carolina will ultimately continue not to be one of them.

That however will not prevent the Fightin’ Beamers from jumping up and kicking an unsuspecting team in the cajones once in awhile, and if history is any guide that team may at some point be Georgia. But I just don’t think it’s this week. This is the week when Georgia gets revenge for that thing that happened that one time.

And what should you drink while watching Shane Beamer pay for the aged sins of current Bulldog assistant Will Muschamp?

A Beamer & Coke.

Like Georgia’s game plan for this Saturday it’s nothing complex. Two ounces of Jim Beam over ice. Top it with Coca-Cola. Mix it with whatever you have handy. Then beat South Carolina so bad that Clemson fans feel at least a little bad for them.

Go ‘Dawgs!!!