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Wednesday ‘Dawg Bites Still Has A Long Way To Love


Welcome to Wednesday, Bulldog fans! The University of Georgia is currently fielding a team with so much talent, it can rely on the 2 and 3 deep to defeat bowl-eligible and conference champion opponents. While kneeling in thanks to Kirby Smart’s recruiting prowess, and seeing the acknowledgement that he and his staff actually do develop talent once in Athens, please pause a moment to look a little past where we are. The season is only 2 weeks old, and there are SEC East teams standing in the way of goal #1. So while the excitement and potential for something special is palpable, understand that there is still a long way. I’ll let this cute little foursome express it more eloquently than yours truly...

Now onto news and notes of the Georgia Bulldog variety:

BREAKING NEWS! The AJC has a piece up about how Will Muschamp is attempting to help the Georgia coaching staff get a win versus our upcoming South Carolina Gamecock opponents. Did you know Will Muschamp used to coach at SC East? Of course not. You heard it there first, folks.

Who will start at quarterback for Georgia? We sure thought we knew last week (I admit my burner account was pushing Jackson Muschamp, trying to trick @DawgOutWest into swallowing the narrative). What do we know this week? About the same. Seth Emerson ($$) at the Atlantic says that Daniels, Beck, and Bennett are all taking reps - though with no clue as to with which lineups and how frequently.

The Red and Black uses that issue to examine current QB play, reviews of the Mailman, and the start of SEC play.

The Banner-Herald does it one better, comparing the circuitous routes of both Stetson Bennett IV and Gamecock likely starter Zeb Nolan. (Warning: probably a paywall pop-up).

There is some concern that Bennett is working through a minor lower-back injury. I can cure this right up: take that pouch of Levi Garrett out of your back pocket; it’s making your posture uneven and leading to unnecessary back trouble (ala George Costanza).

In his post-practice presser, Coach Kirby Smart gives an update on some injuries. He also gave a vote of confidence to placekicker Jack Podlesny (foreshadowing). Dawgnation does a pretty good job of providing key bullet points from the 15 minute zoom call.

I took a look over at the Columbia, SC newspaper, the Post and Courier. I didn’t dive deep, but the headlines were worth the clicks:
“Talented Clemson defense faces next evolution of Georgia Tech offense” (b***h, please)
“Citadel football seeks ‘sense of urgency’ after 0-2 start”
“7 takeaways from a bad-start, great-finish Gamecocks’ victory at East Carolina”

We know what the news should be: who starts, who is banged up, who violated local traffic laws, and was Will Muschamp able to unload his palatial North Columbia estate during the recent real estate bull market. We can only surmise the answers. But stay tuned throughout the day, enjoy the glam metal (I cringe at using the term “metal” here), and as always...