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15 Thoughts Wants to Have a Word with ESPN Programming

Looking for explosive plays? Saturday in Sanford Stadium was the place to be. You missed one if you were watching at home.

UAB v Georgia
I’d be all smiles if I were this big and this fast, too.

Georgia teams of the past might have come out flat against UAB on Saturday and stumbled their way to an eventual win. Not this team. There is a lot of upper-class leadership and it showed as The Dawgs route UAB 56-7. I’ll get to the good stuff in a moment, but first a couple of gripes...

1. If you weren’t actually in attendance, you missed the first score of the game when Stetson Bennett hit Jermaine Burton for a 73-yard score on the 2nd play of the game. Why? ESPN fumbled the exchange when the South Carolina-ECU game ended. Someone in master control at the Worldwide leader (more likely, some idiot in programming) decided it would be a good idea to put the Pitt-Tennessee game on ESPN 2 , where our game should have been immediately at the conclusion of ‘Sakerlina and Pitt Co. Community College. Now you have Tennessee-Pitt on ESPN and ESPN2. Until Tennessee makes it to another lower-tier bowl game (or, a winning record), I do not believe they merit taking up the top 2 ESPN channels at the same time. But, hey...that’s just me.

1b. If you happened to be among those in attendance that booed Stetson Bennett when it was announced that #13 would start as he was warming up, just stay away from Sanford Stadium. You should be ashamed. Here’s another idea; Pull your lower lip with both hands up over the top of your head and suck with all your might. Kirby & Co. know what they’re doing. And what they did was perfect.

2. About Stetson: This kid has been developed, right alongside JT, Carson Beck (who flashed, but also is a work-in-progress) and undoubtedly Brock Vandagriff. Stetson got the start because he’s been there before and Georgia needed a calming influence in the huddle. Yes, we were at home but that place was nearly capacity and some senior leadership is a good thing to temper some amped-up, young receivers. Bennett’s arm strength has improved, as has his touch. Now, I fully expect JT Daniels to return to the starters role as soon as Kirby says so. But having a more-than-capable senior quarterback with above-average skills as insurance is a pretty sweet luxury. Also, Stetson can move which will add another wrinkle for upcoming opposing defensive coordinators to contemplate. I believe Bennett will play a vital role in a future game this season when we might need a yard or two in a big spot. He’s a DGD.

He’s not as mobile and you saw that a couple of times where 13 got out on us a little bit on some of our two-man.

We had a little run there at the second half and we got to score some points. We had a run there where we had a two-man situation and he got out. His legs made a difference - UAB Coach Bill Clark - on Stetson Bennett

Ten of 12 complettions with 5 touchdowns, 288 yards and no picks will pretty much garner a 100 QBR. which it did.

On point. Todd Monken knows what he’s doing.

3. UAB probably has a good defense. They certainly played the run very well for most of the game, although we were vanilla in that regard with most of the stuff between the tackles. We did rush for 163 yards on the day. Our offense will evolve as guys get healthy and begin to rotate in. Meanwhile, Brock Bowers proved that he was not a fluke in the Clemson opener. Imagine being 6’ 4”, 235 with sub 4.5 speed, great hands. Now, imagine being that big and fast and only being a freshman? Woot!

Wheel-routed by a big tight end? I thought that could only happen to us...

4. Carson Beck got some invaluable experience yesterday. He’s young and made a mistake, but also had a very nice 12-yard touchdown throw on play-action to freshman Justin Robinson. But Stetson is your #2 guy now and that’s the way it should be. Beck will get more reps. Maybe as early as next week.

5. That receiver room is good now, but will be on fire when some guys return. Meanwhile, Jermaine Burton is still the weapon we know him to be and Adonai Mitchell played very well given his opportunities. Arian Smith 61-yard score was important as it will force people to respect our ability to go over the top of safeties. Georgia wanted some explosive plays. They got ‘em early and often.

Nothing fancy here. Smith runs right past the safety, Bennett launches a perfect ball and score. Does The Mailman underthrow this last year?

7. What can you say about the defense? It pitched another shutout. We did allow some sizable rushes during the game. On one hand, these were the result of overly aggressive outside linebacker play and the middle was open. Also, some of the yardage gained by UAB occurred late in the game against some 2nd and 3rd team guys.

8. Channing Tindall is rising up some NFL boards, my friends. He’s also an MVD. His lateral speed is impressive. He led all Georgia defenders in tackling (7) with 6 solos, one TFL and a sack. Adam Anderson and Nazir Stackhouse each tallied a sack apiece, accounting for Georgia’s 3 on the day.

9. I realize that Kelee Ringo wasn’t going up against the same caliber receivers that Clemson fielded, but I made it a point to lock onto him whenever I could on the few times UAB threw the ball downfield. Ringo is going to be a star. He’s big, physical and agile for a cornerback. Oh, and he has some ball skills.

The first pick of many for #5

10. Freshman linebacker Jamon Dumas-Johnson’s pick-6 was the 2nd defensive score in as many games. Lewis Cine also got in on the act with the game’s first turnover. The secondary feasted on their opportunites and the pre-season “weakness” of the team is looking more and more like another strength.

11. Georgia really didn’t commit to pressuring the QB with exotic blitzes, twists and stunts. Didn’t need to. UAB managed only 147 net yards of total offense (47 passing) while turning it over 3 times.

12. Dan Lanning was able to play a lot of guys yesterday. Thirty-two, in fact. This is an ideal situtation. I suspect we are going to see more of the same next week.

Other than a Saturn V rocket, nothing this big moves this fast. UAB’s QB might have to seek some therapy after this...

13. Is anyone worried about Jack Podlesny? He missed a very routine (for him) 32-yard field goal to match the 36-yard miss against Clemson a week ago. We know what Jack can do. He’ll get it figured out. On the positive side, all of his kickoffs were not returnable.

14. Kearis Jackson had a nifty 33-yard punt return as he continues to recover from an ankle issue, although he did not factor at all into the receiving game. I think not putting him into that situation was wise for a couple of reasons: Let the young guys get their reps and don’t risk an injury recurrence. He’ll be back.

Jake Camarda continues to shine. He pinned UAB at the 7 on his 2nd punt of the game, hit a rocket 60 yard punt later on.

15. Next up, South Carolina. The Columbia Fowl saved themselves with a field goal as time expired against East Carolina in a game that set offensive football back to the Hoover Administration. Georgia will not have a let down. Our defense might not allow a score and don’t you think Will Muschamp will have a little extra pep-in-his-step during team meetings this week?


  • I watched all of the Texas-Arkansas game. The Longhorns’ line play on both sides of the ball is really bad. Is Arkansas really that much better, or if Texas is just mediocre? Arkansas has some juice right now and a great coach in Sam Pittman, so if evaluating them one should err on the side of caution and consider them better. Much better. We got the Razorbacks at home on October 2. I might have to come up for that one.

Top shelf trolling right here, folks.

  • The “Bad Omen of the Day” comes to you from Columbus Ohio. When your drum major faceplants before the first C-major can be tooted, you might have a problem.

The Russian judge only gave him a 5.4

  • My God, FSU.

But the reaction...

And in Florida news...

I just can’t understand the love Dan Mullen has for Todd Grantham. So, Dan didn’t have a key to get in?

Yep, Saturday was really entertaining. And we’ve got a really, really good football team that is positioned to get even better...perhaps great?

As Always, GO DAWGS!