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Newest UGA Commit Griffin Scroggs Sits Down With DawgSports

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 14 Arkansas State at Georgia Photo by John Adams/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Grayson offensive lineman Griffin Scroggs became the newest addition to Georgia’s 2022 recruiting class on Tuesday evening. How does a guy who grew up in a house full of Florida and Tech fans become a Bulldog? Graham Coffey sat down with Griffin and Lamar Lovelace of the 100 Sanford Podcast on Wednesday to learn about the 6’4” 315 pound Guard.

Griffin, you just recently decommitted from Georgia Tech. Why did it happen so quick for you to switch to the Dawgs? I did decommit because me and my family had a long conversation about it. We didn’t think that Atlanta was the greatest place for us and I think that there’s too many distractions for me personally. I’ve grown up as a Southern boy for a long time and I don’t think the city is my type of place. Having that small town, kind of college town of Athens… I love that a lot. I have a brother that plays at Wofford College in South Carolina. He’s the starting middle linebacker there. Being in Athens makes it closer for us and family for two Saturday gamedays. I’ve always wanted to play SEC ball that’s been a big dream of mine. To be able to stay in Georgia that means a lot.

What has your big brother taught you about playing at the next level? Be ready for those early morning runs (laughs). You wake up at 5 o’clock… 6 o’clock if you’re sleeping in. It’s pretty early and you’ve just gotta be ready because you’re always going to be trying to get recruited out of your spot or trying to be recruiting into someone else’s spot.

Congratulations on committing to Georgia and taking that big step. I’m sure you’re going to get a lot of questions from people about the football aspect of things, but I know a lot of times in recruiting you guys talk about making a forty year decision instead of a four year decision. What is it about UGA and some of the academic and extra-curricular opportunities that made you want to be a Bulldog? They do have a very good business school and that’s what I’d like to go into. I want to go into financial business and possibly own my own company one day or something of that aspect… or own my own restaurant, and them having that big of a business school… I really like that.

Going from in-state rivals in terms of your commitment. When you knew it was going to be Georgia and you started feeling that love for the school how was that for you? It was definitely weird because all you hear from each one of them is do this, do that, or go here or go this… Go Dawgs, Go Jackets. It’s a very different thing. It’s very weird to be wanting to go to one school after liking the other school very much, but I really just love Athens more and love UGA more and I felt more at home there than I did at Tech.

Is there a difference in the energy in the room between a Georgia Tech that’s trying to rebuild their program as opposed to a Georgia that’s poised to win a national championship? Is there a difference in the actual locker room? Oh there is 100% a difference in the locker room I feel like. I think that everybody at Georgia is closer… I’m not discrediting them because they are rebuilding a program and they’re doing a good job at it, but there is just a difference between them.

The recruiting process… You have tons of people trying to get at you and tons of coaches that you’re talking to. What is it about Coach Luke and the other guys in charge of your recruitment at Georgia? Was there something that came through that felt more genuine or more like a family environment? Yes sir. Coach Luke and Coach Smart are both very, very good people. They’re both the type of guy that will tell you something and it will get done no matter what. They’ll never lie to you and they’ll always keep it one-hundred with you. To my family, they think that Coach Luke is the greatest thing since sliced bread. They love Coach Luke. He’s definitely a family guy. The whole time at the cookout (last weekend’s recruiting event in Athens) he didn’t leave my family. He’s always like, “let me get your brother’s number, your sister’s number, your grandma’s number… If anybody needs anything I’ll get it done and if I can’t I’ll get somebody that can.” That’s huge for us because that’s our type of style. If they’re willing to do anything it takes to get the job done and they’re a family man then that’s great… I love that.

We know you were in Athens last weekend for the famous Kirby Smart cookout. Prior to your actual commitment, how close were you to the other 2022 UGA commits? What’s that relationship like seeing how you were previously committed to Georgia Tech? Well a lot of the commits, De’Nylon Morrissette, Marquis Groves-Killibrew, Gunner Stockton, I’ve been friends with them since 7th grade. We played on the 8th grade FBU National Championship team. I’ve been close with them for a long time. Jake Pope was there this weekend and I played at Buford with Jake, and I actually know a good bit of the guys already there. I’ve known most of them for a long time.

You were there. We hear the rumblings of this Georgia team having so much leadership and so much energy about it. What did you feel when you were around the program in Athens this past weekend? I felt exactly what you just said. There’s a lot of leadership. For example they would be doing a drill without a coach and they wouldn’t have to turn around and ask what to do or anything like that. Everybody is just self lead. It’s not a coach lead team and that’s the best thing you could ask for is to have a player lead team.

You’re at Grayson and have been playing against guys who are all over the FBS now. Do you think that will help your transition to the next level? We had probably the best defensive line in 7A and probably some of the best ‘backers in 7A last year. I think that’s prepared me for the transition from high-school to college. That’s hard for a lot of people because you’re going against high-school kids, not D1 athletes… I think that’s prepared me for college.

Have you been going to many camps lately? Over high-school I have, but recently with Covid I’ve been trying to limit the camps I go to. I’ve only gone to college camps. I really don’t want to risk getting hurt this Senior season. The only camp that I actually worked out at was Georgia.

I wanted to ask you that because when I look at film I don’t see three-star. I respect Rivals, On3 and 247, but when I look at film I don’t see four-star or five-star. You’re strong at the point of attack, very quick feet, and you dominate. Thank you, I don’t mean to spoil anything for 247, but Rusty (Mansell of 247) told me the other day that mid this month I will be a four-star (in the 247 recruiting rankings).

Did you grow up a Georgia fan? What was it like growing up in the state and watching the program? I never truly grew up a fan of a specific team. Mom was a Florida grad. One of my brother’s the biggest Florida fan I know and one of them is the biggest Tennessee fan I know. Then my Dad is a Tech grad.

Oh wow. Okay. So you just circled the wagons on hate in your house then? Oh yeah. The other day, I think it was last Thursday before the cookout in Athens, I had Florida call me and tell me to come down. And then they called my brother. So they talked to the Florida fan mother and the Florida fan brother, and I’m sitting here like I already told them I’m going to Georgia. For my Mom and my brother to tell them that I’m going to Georgia over Florida and them being the biggest Florida fans I know… That kinda just tells you something. That shows you that they just really do love Florida.

Has the house changed to red and black yet? Haha nope. Everyone will wear red and black, but there’s no red and black decorations anywhere.

Looking ahead to the next four years and some of the guys that are Freshman at Georgia right now and some of the guys that are committed in your class, is there some guys that you’ve gotten close with and are excited to build towards winning a national championship with? I know Amarius Mims. He’s a good buddy of mine and I’ve gone on many visits with him. Tate Ratledge, Braxton Hicks, Gunner Stockton, De’Nylon Morrissette and hopefully some more of my buddies will be on that team. Some of them have an offer but they’re still deciding. They don’t know it yet, but they’ll be here.

So are you about to put on that hat and start helping recruit your own class over the rest of the cycle? Oh for sure. 100%.

Who is next on that get list for you that you’re telling to come to Athens and win a national championship? Definitely going after my teammates. JoJo Stone, (class of 2024 ATH) he’s a young guy but he’s pretty heavily recruited right now and he’s been wearing his UGA gloves the past week and a half. I told him if he wears them one more day I’m gonna have to call Coach Kirby and tell him he’s committing… I’m trying to get Jake Pope (4-star class of 2022 Safety) too because Jake is a good buddy of mine.