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Tuesday Dawg Bites: More real than Bishop Sycamore

Clemson v Georgia Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

There’s no proven, ironclad evidence that Kirby Smart is literally pulling strings behind the curtain to orchestrate recruiting wins to take place at the right time. But you can’t help but wonder if there’s something to the fact that, just days before the most pivotal season opener for Georgia in quite a while that the Dawgs have landed a big commitment.

On Monday afternoon, the massive six-foot-eight, 342 pound Jacob Hood announced his commitment to Georgia, beating out Auburn and Miami.

The Munson within us wants to grimace about both Arik Gilbert and Darnell Washington being on the field Saturday night against Clemson in Uptown Charlotte (pro tip for fans making the trip - the locals hate when you call it ‘downtown’).

You won’t find JT Daniels doing so, or at least, that’s the front being put forth. If there’s anyone who would know, Daniels would be it seeing how much time he has put work in since January.

Who has the edge when it comes to Georgia’s special teams? The Red & Black’s Drew Hubbard takes a closer look at it.

Georgia continues to facilitate interviews via Zoom. This policy in Athens continues when full capacity is planned at all stadiums and this week’s opponent, Clemson allows in-person media access.

A season ago, in the interest of player safety, interviews via Zoom was understandable. But if you are going to ‘operate as normal.’ there’s no reason that should not apply for the daily beat writers covering the team. Trust me - being able to ask questions in person and seeing ten minutes of practice won’t allow inner secrets to leak - especially when a preseason scrimmage included high-level donors just weeks ago.

In truth - if Georgia beats Clemson, this gets forgotten by most. But if Georgia loses and fans will be angry about things including the “name that tune” song, it’ll be yet another talking point for Kirby Smart to be chided over.

Everyone talks about Kevin Butler’s famous 60-yarder to beat Clemson. You can’t help doing so. Lewis Grizzard’s column from that game is still a thing of lore.

It does not grab the same attention of the 1984 game or Woerner! Woerner! Woerner! in 1980, but the 2002 opener will always be special to me for two reasons. One - it set things up for what would be an incredible year. Secondly - it was my first as a student at Georgia.

On and speaking of Lewis Grizzard and Clemson jokes...

Go Dawgs!