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Tuesday Dawg Bites Reminds You To “Get A Big Neck!”

UGA Sports Communications

There are few things as exciting as this time of year if you’re a college football fan. Camp is about to begin, campuses are on the verge of filling up and like a sleeping giant, the season is ready to explode.

And pre-camp means another thing. An annual look back at one of the most legendary arrangements of date and times in sports history - Erk Russell’s Friendly Reminder Calendar.

Among the highlights...

Run with vigor and gusto. If they’re not available, run alone. But run, run, run!!

Dear Abby: Only three weeks ‘til football and my boys aren’t working. What do you say?

Ole Coach.

Dear Ole Coach, Adios!



Think BIG today. Get a BIG neck. Run a BIG mile.

There’s nothing like being a Bulldog on a Saturday night after a win. Run to win!

When the roll is called up yonder in Athens, I’ll be there! Will you? Go to church in the morning. Run in the afternoon.

Today is a day of rest. That means go to church and sunday school and run the rest of the day! Ask the preacher to run, too.

Last Sunday at home. Go to church, say a prayer for the Dogs. Remember, he who runneth not getteth not in shape and loseth all his games.

Pictures today. Steaks for those that make their weight, jello for those who don’t.

Today’s lecture will concern the hereafter. If you’re not here what I’m after, I’ll be here after you’re gone.

In Middle Georgia and the JUCO football world, Bert Williams was a fixture. The long-time athletic director and GMC Prep head coach passed away following a bout with cancer, his family announced on Monday.

In a culture of which Buddy Stevens gained fame thanks to Last Chance U, Williams was the exact opposite and based on what many have said since Monday, leaves a larger-than-life footprint.

Something to keep an eye on as September gets near.... Athens-Clarke County may be considering a mask mandate. Obviously, if this entails indoor gatherings, the big impact would be downtown Athens establishments on gamedays. As always, the Delta variant is a moving target. Like many decisions, ones like these are ones that you won’t please everyone, and the position of making them is hardly enviable.

The other side of the coin is this. Given the views of seatbacks being snapped into place at Sanford Stadium, the plan, for now, is still for full capacity.

Time’s a flat circle for Jacob Eason. After an injury caused him to get Wally Pipp’d from the starting QB spot in Athens, an injury now has him in line as QB1 for the Colts.

He may have transferred out, it’s hard not to see Eason as a Bulldog for Life.

Until later....

Go Dawgs!