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Saturday Morning Dawg Bites and Week 0 Gameday Open Comment Thread

And here... we... go!

NCAA Football: Georgia at Tennessee Bryan Lynn-USA TODAY Sports

The college football season is upon us... at least a little bit. While you wouldn’t be blamed for being a little unimpressed with today’s slate of Week 0 games, if you’re anything like me you’re so hungry for football that you’ll take it any way you can get it. So I’ll be using today to experiment with a new smoker and to gradually get my liver back into fighting shape. And even though the top shelf games we’re all ready for may be a week away, there is still some Dawg news to review on this Saturday morning. For that, we’re going to need a bit of musical accompaniment:

Now for your Gameday Morning Dawg Bites:

  • Y’all know I enjoy a good profile and player breakdown, so let’s start things off with one about Adam Anderson from the AJC.
  • Jake Rowe at Dawgs247 lays out what we should expect to see on the offensive side of the ball.
  • If you’re the pessimistic type and want to set your expectations low for the matchup between our Georgia Bulldogs and the Clemson Tigers next Saturday, feel free to bathe in the horrors Pro Football Focus is predicting (as summarized at Sports Illustrated’s Fan Nation).
  • And while I may not be a pessimist, I am a cynic. So I refuse to believe this isn’t some type of ploy to screw us and advance a long-term “Georgia can’t live up to expectations” narrative on Danny Kanell’s part.
  • Finally, off the gridiron, check out this story about Paralympian and DGD, Jarryd Wallace, before he runs in the 100m and 200m next week in Tokyo.

This space will also serve as your Week 0 Open Comment Thread. If you’re partaking in the early college football action, let us know how you’re celebrating the occasion. As the day goes on, chime in with your takes on Illinois/Nebraska, UCONN/Fresno St., Hawaii/UCLA, Alcorn St./NC Central, and, of course, Southern Utah/San Jose State. GOOOO.... Thunderbirds? That can’t be right... Huh. Ok, Thunderbirds it is. GOOOO THUNDERBIRDS!

Next Saturday we’ll be back with the real thing. Until then, stay safe and...