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It’s Big New Saturday! Georgia Bulldog Collection Now Live At Homefield Apparel

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Homefield Apparel

It’s finally here!

The Georgia Bulldog collection is now live at Homefield Apparel.

Gaze in awe at the Diamond ‘Dawgs jersey tee.

Snag a vintage “Go You Silver Britches!” teeshirt.

Shed a lone tear of joy at the sight of a Bulldog. Playing. Golf.

Homefield Apparel

In all there are 13 items in the collection including a variety of tees, crew necks, and sweatshirts all made from high quality materials for snuggly comfort. And again, vintage graphics that you won’t find anywhere else.

Remember, you can get 15% off at checkout on your first Homefield order with the code DAWGSPORTS.

Also, while how you spend your money is your business (unless you’re spending it on sending a kid to Auburn, then it’s a matter for the authorities), I’d like to point out that the Florida Gators hold the current record for opening weekend sales for Homefield launches. It would be a real shame if that record fell today. Real tear jerker.

Until later...

Go ‘Dawgs!!!