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Christopher Smith II Becomes Official Ambassador of Dawg Sports Live

Georgia Spring Game Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

If you’ve been around here long then you probably know that many of us around here have been advocating for the payment of college football players in some form for a long time.

In fact, that was happening well before my words started appearing on this site. MaconDawg called some of the NCAA’s rules “akin to theft” back when Todd Gurley was suspended for profiting off of his own name, and I’d imagine there were similar sentiments shared on this site when AJ Green was suspended for selling his own jersey. The games and joy stolen from those players wouldn’t have happened if the new NIL rules that were recently enacted had been in place back then.

I have been vocal both in print and on our show Dawg Sports Live that football players, and other college athletes, deserve to profit from their own names. They were given them at birth after all.

We talked about it, so we decided to be about it. DawgStats and I signed a contract with Christopher Smith II on Monday evening, officially making him an ambassador of the show.

We wanted to do more than just pay a player to send some tweets. Chris will be our partner throughout this season, and will receive a portion of the sale each time someone purchases merchandise from our site. We will also be promoting and selling his merchandise on our website when it is released, and Chris will keep every penny of those sales.

In return, Chris has given us exposure to people who might not have known about our show, and we will have some coverage coming down the pipe that he will be involved with through the show. Will we cheer a little bit harder if he picks off a pass in week one against Clemson? Probably. That being said, we promise to offer the same honest analysis of UGA game film that we always have.

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Go Dawgs!

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