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Yes, I’m Even Looking Forward To These Former Gameday Gripes

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NCAA Football: Mississippi State at Georgia Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

By all accounts, it looks like Sanford Stadium will be filled with fans that wish to be there as ticketed fans this fall.

Sure, some fans made it there for the limited seating arrangement last fall, but it’s hard to feel that it just felt some sense of odd with games that had a lot of meaning with half-capacity.

But absence does indeed make the heart grow fonder, which is why there’s just some things that pre-COVID would be pet peeves. After last year, it’s what’s being looked forward to, in all honesty.

Gameday Traffic: Yes, I am looking forward to gameday traffic. It means that the journey back to campus this fall is nearing an end, and those who, at least to me, are like a second family will be able to be seen again in person.

September heat and humidity: Sure it’ll be hot and the concession stand may run out of ice, but a hot day in the Classic City beats a hot day at home.

Three and outs: Ok, there will be a few of those from the offense. I mean, if it means getting to hear “RUN THE DAMN BALL” in person again, so be it.

The person that refuses to stand on third down: Somehow, last fall in the living room asking my toddler to stand up on third down was not quite the same as begging the fan in front of me at Sanford Stadium to do the same.

Long lines leaving the stadium: Lines are bad, but the fact that you will be amongst Dawg fans again? Good.

Less than stellar scheduling: Marquee games like Notre Dame won’t be at Sanford Stadium for a while. But this year, it does not really matter who Georgia plays at home. What matters is that after a most unusual of year, there’ll be a degree of normal.

Personally, I’m hopeful and can’t wait.

Go Dawgs!