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Well, At Least It Wasn’t In Crayon

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Syndication: The Montgomery Advertiser Jake Crandall via Imagn Content Services, LLC

If you’re a a college football program, the NFL Draft is a chance for you to grow in the general direction of potential recruits and transfers about how many players your staff has put in the League.

If you’re Georgia, and you just broke a program record for the number of players from your school drafted (due in part to your staff’s superior talent development), it looks like this:

If you’re Auburn, and you just poached a head coach from the Mountain West and have a brand new staff, it looks like, well, this I guess:

Ah yes, Auburn legends Todd Gurley, A.J. Green, Matt Stafford, and Isaiah Wynn.

I get it. Auburn has actually put together a staff with several proven SEC coaches, and some up-and-coming names. But the fact that the guys on that poster who played at Georgia have something like a 10-3 combined record in their college careers against the Plainsmen probably explains a little about how we got here.

Here’s looking forward to the administration of 2028 Auburn head coach Todd Monken and Tiger legend J.T. Daniels.