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Your Friday Moment of Bulldog Zen

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Outback Bowl - Minnesota v Auburn Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

After a rough week of pushing barges, lifting bales, and sorting spreadsheets, you could use a moment of peace and tranquility to catapult you gently (are gentle catapults a thing? Well we’re going with it...) into your weekend.

That’s why we’re now offering Your Friday Moment of Bulldog Zen, a red and black photo from the archives which allows you to find your center, and cultivate gratefulness that you’re not, for example, a Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket fan. Ladies and gentlemen, your moment of zen, courtesy of George Pickens.

Auburn v Georgia Photo by Chamberlain Smith/Collegiate Images/Getty Images

Namaste, ‘Dawgs.

Feel free to talk amongst yourselves for the remainder of the evening.