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Dawg Sports Live: How the Star & Jack Positions Drive the Kirby Smart Defense

Georgia vs Alabama Photo by Skylar Lien/Collegiate Images/Getty Images

Many fans know that UGA’s Kirby Smart is known for his 3-4 Defense. So why do you see four down lineman so often? What is the difference between an EDGE and an OLB? There’s a big difference between Georgia’s base alignment and the packages you see the Dawgs in the majority of the time. We explain why modern offenses have forced those personnel changes.

What’s the STAR position? Why do we think it’s the most important spot on the field? Also, why does Tyreke Smith give UGA the ability to play one guy in every situation when they used to play two? Lastly, how the additions of Smith and Brandon Turnage might be the difference between UGA going 10-2 and making the CFP.