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Congratulations Charleston Dawg, our Dawg Sports March Madness winner!

NCAA Basketball: Final Four-Baylor vs Gonzaga Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

After getting distracted by spring football, the Masters, and the continued exodus of every significant contributor from the 2020-21 UGA men’s basketball squad, it is my sincere pleasure to (finally) present to you the winner of our 2021 Dawg Sports Bracket Challenge, Charleston Dawg.

Chucktown tallied 104 points, edging out Dave’s bracket by a single point. Our conquering victor locked up the crown by having both Gonzaga and Baylor in the Final Four, a rarer combo than you’d expect for two #1 seeds. It was an overall sterling effort, highlighted by nailing 7 of the teams who would make it to the Sweet Sixteen, a much harder thing to do in practice than you’d imagine. Great job, Charleston Dawg!

For his part, Dave surged to an early, commanding lead with some prescient upset picks. But he had Iowa beating Arkansas in the finale which, well, would have been an utterly fantastic ending to this wacky tournament if it had come to pass. Maybe next year.

GlimmerTwinDawg rounded out your final three with an even 100 points, highlighted by correctly selecting the Zags and Bears as the teams playing in the championship game, though he picked Mark Few’s team to win. Had Gonzaga won their tournament, our resident golf scholar would have won ours. Still a solid effort.

And just off the medal stand in fourth we have our tournament commissioner DawgOutWest, who also had Gonzaga in the finale and Baylor at least in the Final Four. Like many of us, including yours truly, he suffered by placing his faith in Illinois to make a deep run, It was the dysentery on the Oregon Trail computer game of picks. Happens to a lot of us, not much you can do to prevent it, you never see it coming.

You can see the full results here if you want material to help you gloat specifically in the direction of your fellow Dawg Sports readers in the comments. Until next year, congrats to our winner and all who, in the words of Joe Cox, were in the arena. And...

Go ‘Dawgs!!!