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One Shining Watch Post: March Madness Day One

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Drake at Wichita State IndyStar-USA TODAY Sports

(Inspirational music swells in the background...)

The ball is tipped....and here we are. For the first time in almost two years.

After being cancelled due to the rising wave of a global pandemic, the Big Dance returns. Things are obviously a little different this year. The whole thing is taking place in a bubble to cut down on travel. Many of the traditional favorites either aren’t there, or scraped in by the skin of their teeth. But Tom Crean’s Georgia Bulldogs aren’t in it, so there remains some sense of normalcy.

No matter. The folks at the SB Nation mothership have put together a perpetually updating calendar of games for both the men’s and women’s tournament (in which the ‘Dawgs will participate, thanks Coach Taylor and team!).

Also, I hope you signed up for the Dawg Sports bracket challenge over at Yahoo! Sports. Did you do that? Tell me you’ve done that.

This is the place for all the bracket busting, bracket bragging, and schadenfreude that come with this, arguably the greatest sports day of the year. The action tips off in earnest on TruTV at noon. So crack open a cold one, and get ready for the Madness.

Go ‘Dawgs!!!