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Demetris Robertson Sought By Parking Services For Boot Scootin’ Boogie.

Florida vs Georgia Photo by Alex de la Osa/Collegiate Images/Getty Images

In the grand tradition of University of Georgia football players running into trouble with the law for petty offenses, the Banner Herald’s Marc Weiszer reports that sixth year senior wide receiver Demetris Robertson is being sought by police for removing a boot from his car and leaving the scene.

As a reminder, it is the official editorial policy of Dawg Sports that laws exist for a reason and that they should be followed even when we disagree with them.

As a further reminder, there is no human being more petty on the face of the earth then some doofus named Brad who works for parking services at the University of Georgia. Except maybe a similarly-employed doofus named Chad. I’ve never met Brad personally, nor Chad, but I don’t need to. The statement stands on its own merit.

The charge is technically a felony because parking services arbitrarily values their boots at $750, using the same valuation rubric that allows hospitals to charge $80 for an aspirin. I expect the charge will be reduced or dismissed, I don’t expect Robertson to miss any time. Sadly, the same can probably be said for Brad. Until later...

Go ‘Dawgs!!!