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“Dawg Sports Live” - Breaking Down Gunner Stockton’s Game, Why UGA Needs Terrion Arnold & A Big Bear in Athens

Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl - Cincinnati v Georgia Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

Welp, that escalated quickly...

Just a few days after recording our first ever episode of “Dawg Sports Live,” we are back with plenty of stuff to talk about.

Gunner Stockton committed. What does that mean for the 2022 class? What does that tell us about the Georgia program? Well, a lot. The price of entry into the CFP is an elite quarterback, and Georgia just secured the position for at least the next four seasons.

There’s a chance that Vandagriff won’t live up to his billing. There is also a chance that Stockton won’t live up to his five-star ranking. There is virtually zero chance that neither of them will be an elite quarterback.

Arik Gilbert went to Florida. You shouldn’t care. Putting him in this offense would have been like adding a three-inch lift to a truck that spends all its time on the highway. It looks nice, but it ain’t necessary.

Terrion Arnold is as much of a must-have recruit as UGA could possibly have in an era where it has had one elite recruiting class after another. In a secondary that was decimated this offseason, Arnold could be a guy who plays early and often in 2021.

Lastly, it appears that Kirby Smart has been doin’ thangs on the recruiting trail again.

Bear Alexander is a high four-star Defensive Tackle out of Denton, TX. He’s 6’3” tall, 325 pounds, and is a Top 150 player in the 2022 class. Most importantly his name is “Big Bear.”

We talked about that and more on this episode of “Dawg Sports Live.” Check it out below, and PLEASE hit subscribe.

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Thanks for watching, and GO DAWGS!