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How Georgia did not meet the keys to a win

Georgia Bulldogs v Alabama Crimson Tide Photo by Steven Limentani/ISI Photos/Getty Images

There’s no way to slice it up.

There were a lot of things Georgia needed to do in order to beat Alabama on Saturday.

It did none of them.

Before Saturday, there were three areas where Georgia needed to do well. Here’s how the Dawgs...did not do very well, at all.

Contain the pocket

Georgia has not faced a quarterback that can extend plays more than Bryce Young. He’s the best quarterback talent Georgia has seen and may face. It’ll be one thing to apply pressure, as other teams have done to the Tide up front. It’ll be another to take Young down on the first attempt and not let him elude out and turn a yardage loss or incomplete pass into something that extends drives, or worse.

Young may as well have had an easy button back, as Georgia for some inexplicable reason could not get pressure to the most part on Young. It’s mindnumbing that teams like Auburn, Florida or Arkansas of which Alabama had trouble defending, had a better time of getting to Bryce Young than Georgia did on Saturday.

I’m not sure why Georgia couldn’t get to the offensive backfield other than Alabama playing like its season was at stake and Georgia didn’t. For the sake of members of this coaching staff, it needs to be figured out in the next few weeks.

Never let up

The old analogy about killing a rattlesnake by stepping on its neck applies here. We’ve been in too many times, for ourselves or even last week on The Plains. Even on a bad day, Alabama thinks that it can win, and it either usually does or comes within an eyelash of doing so. If Georgia has a chance to gain a second-half advantage, it cannot afford to be tentative, that’s for sure.

Georgia was up 10-0, then everything else happened. Any more questions?

Trench depth

In games like this, that recruiting of a guy that’s a second-team lineman pays off big. Guys get nicked up or tired as the game goes on. If there’s no dropoff in Georgia’s front seven or offensive line if guys rotate out, Georgia will win.

Georgia’s defensive line was a non-factor, no matter who was in there. That’s a major problem...and any arguments of Jordan Davis for Heisman can be shot into the sun, right now. Georgia didn’t need to give starters a breather to see a drop-off, that dropoff happened for every starter and member of this coaching staff.

Go Dawgs, anyway