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Thursday ‘Dawg Bites Has a Hunger

Seriously, I’m hungry and if you’re down in Miami for the game, read on...

NCAA Football: Central Florida at Cincinnati Katie Stratman-USA TODAY Sports

It’s getting real. It’s getting close. It’s getting real close, y’all.

The field looks superb and the Dawgs are arriving by the plane/bus/car load as we rapidly approach Friday night’s 7:30 kickoff. Please don’t eat all the stone crab. Us locals want some when this is over. I think they’re better than lobster.

It has taken a few weeks to climb down off the ledge for yours’ truly and a bit longer for some other folks I suspect following that game of which we will not speak of that occurred earlier in the month. This writer feels like Georgia still has what it takes to bring it all home.

The same media outlet has a report on a vital piece of Michigan’s defense who might be questionable for Friday night. Injuries this time of the year is a major factor, but throw in COVID protocols and you really have no idea who will ultimately lace ‘em up until the whistle blows for the kickoff.

Jamaree Salyer wants Aidan Hutchinson’s best - as one would expect. This will be an incredible matchup: Mano é mano, Dude vs. Dude, Alien vs. Predator. Word out of practice is that Salyer is about as healthy as he’s been in a while and that is awesome. Some NFL talent will be on display right here. Scouts are already salivating, I’m sure.

Who has the edge? In this corner, Dawgs 247 Sports has a breakdown by position.

And in the other corner, Graham and Josh go down deep digging for gold and, as you would expect, find some awesome nuggets, data points, metrics, Amelia Earhart’s plane and other fascinating tidbits you would expect by now. It’s a long listen, so if you are working today, you have our permission to shut your door and tune out the boss while getting some facts. BTW, Graham has been breaking more news over the last few days than The National Enquirer. And DOW’s stuff is factual.

Additionally, Graham and Josh did a little live Orange Bowl preview that’s worth your time today:

This is how you accessorize:

So, are you looking for a good restaurant while you’re down here? Here are a couple of quick suggestions. Admittedly, I don’t get down to Miami much since I live up here in the swamps of western Broward, so I’m a bit out of touch on the Miami side of things, but we’ll start with a few spots in Dade county first that I recommend:

Joe’s Stone Crab. 11 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach. It’s a landmark and pretty much a must-visit type of thing. If you don’t like seafood, don’t worry. The menu is extensive. Is it touristy? Yeah, but you’re a tourist so you’ll fit right in. It’s still a great local hang. They still do not take reservations to my knowledge, so get there early. Parking on SoBe is always nutso, so Uber it if you can.

Cafe Abbracci at 318 Aragon Avenue in Coral Gables has been around for a while and my wife and I were there about 2 years ago. It was as good as it ever was. My go to dish is Linguini with clams in a white wine sauce.

Tony Chan’s Water Club at 1750 N Bayshore Drive is an upscale Chinese restaurant inside the Doubletree Grand lobby. They do the best Peking Duck in the city.

Are you staying nearer to Fort Lauderdale? My favorite south Florida restaurant, hands down - Greek Islands Taverna. My dad’s side of the family is Romanian and Greek food is very close to what I grew up eating when my grandmother visited. This one is in Fort Lauderdale on A1A (3300 N Ocean Blvd) just north of Oakland Park Blvd. Everyone raves about the lamb (naturally), but my favorite dish is the Garides Tou Sotiri - broiled butterflied style shrimp in an awesome garlic based sauce. Get a portion of baby back ribs to start as an appetizer. You won’t regret it. The baklava is chef’s kiss...

Have a good day, everyone. As Always...