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Dawg_Stats is Looking at the Tape with Dawg Out West

Graham Coffey and I got the band back together and broke down the metrics and matchups for Friday’s Orange Bowl. We go deep looking at both the Michigan State and Ohio State games.

The show goes into the Michigan Defense first. And, stats wise, the Wolverines defensive production is quite similar to Alabama. In fact, all Playoff teams have sub 40% success rate allowed on defense. Michigan ranks 12th nationally. Here are the stats and the ranks for the Committee’s Top 15.

peak behind the Dawg Stats Curtain -excuse the xls screen grab. The fancy graphs follow

Nationally, the Georgia offense is extremely good. Here is the stats matchup with the Michigan D and UGA Offense. Also, click this link to take you to the film breakdown of this matchup on Dawg Sport Live YouTube

The QB position for Georgia has been the single most discussed point about the team most of the season, and certainly after the blowout loss to Alabama. But, it was putting up elite numbers for the entire season. Graham circles back and highlights some of the consistently good plays the offense had this season at the end of the film breakdown. This link will jump to those plays

Georgia actually did not have good rush numbers early in season, but did improve running the ball throughout the season. I would expect that Georgia will lean on it in this matchup even against Michigan D which was extremely efficient stopping the run. Keeping Bennett out of third and longs against Hutchison and Ojabo is critical. Georgia is a 7.5-point favorite over Michigan.

Look for Georgia to continue to share carries and looks with the 4 backs. Also, look to see a healthy dose of Zeus should Georgia get a lead in second half. This blogger is still waiting for a breakout game for Cook. He’s just too electric to not have one of these on a big stage.

Michigan led the country in total rushing and was elite in most rushing categories. Graham thinks that while Haskins got the bulk of carries, a healthy Corum might be the scariest threat for the Wolverines against the Bulldogs. Here is Graham on the Michigan RBs.

After a slow month running the ball in November, Michigan comes into the Orange Bowl on a roll.

Many have compared the Michigan run first and manage the QB play has a Georgia type team. McNamara has been quite good doing the things asked of him, and as noted in an earlier post, been quite well under pressure. But, he is facing a team that against all teams not named Alabama has be absurdly good defending the pass.

Graham breaking down McNamara and the TE Erick All on Dawg Sports Live. Dawgs have gotten healthier in the secondary and will stay with the Wolverine wideouts and look to contest a lot of balls which has not been a strength of the unit for Michigan.

Well, there are a lot of the matchups and metrics. I think that teams matchup very well honestly. Hutchinson and Ojabo are special. As are Bowers and Washington. Jordan Davis getting pressure through the now veteran center Andrew Vastardis will be an exciting and critical matchup. That battle will determine a lot to containing the run and passing attack. On the flip side, keeping Bennett clean from the formidable pass rush and getting the edge with running stretch plays or passes to perimeter will be keys to watch as the game unfolds. Love to see Washington and Bowers on the field a lot on Friday. Thanks for reading and watching. Go Dawgs!!