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Wednesday ‘Dawg Bites Thinks About All This Time

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 27 Georgia at Georgia Tech Photo by David J. Griffin/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Welcome to Wednesday Bulldog Fans! We’re glad you stuck around during our pre-bowl Quiet Period. A few of us were able to devote time to family, friends, gainful employment, gastrointestinal appointments, and contemplating life decisions. For that, I thank you.

It’s December 29th, exactly 25 days since last the Red and Black were donned by our beloved Georgia Bulldogs on a football field. What happened that day I have successfully suppressed so that it only comes up at inopportune times like business dinners after a 4th scotch (with 3 glasses of Zinfandel in between) and nodding off during Zoom Sunday School lessons. We’ll just call it the 25 days of Christmas, with Rankin/Bass productions aplenty. Then again, if you really want to think about how long it’s been, I’ll treat you to this lil’ nugget:

Now onto news and notes of the Georgia Bulldog variety:

To no one’s surprise, media were not granted access to Georgia football practices. Just as ho-hum, Georgia offensive coordinator Todd Monken elaborated (a bit) on why Stetson Bennett will be QB1 as the Bulldogs begin their playoff run. I mean, everyone knew that 1) Todd Monken was making that call and not Kirby Smart b) there was no evidence that JT Daniels or Carson Beck or Jackson Muschamp vaulted ahead of Bennett in practice and thirdly) that Bennett’s performance against Alabama the last 15 months would not cause one to re-evaluate or suggest a change in course. Snore-fest.... moving on.

Did you hear that Michigan likes to run the ball? That they are similar to Georgia in their offensive strategy? The intrepid folks over at the Red & Black take a look at what the Bulldog defense faces in the Orange Bowl Friday night.

We’ve heard that Bulldog wide receiver extraordinaire George Pickens is out of any COVID protocols and is almost 4 weeks further along in his ACL rehab that when we last saw him. Of some comfort is while his production has been extremely limited this season, Pickens seems to like bowl season.

While the Georgia football team may appear to be traveling far from home, Bulldog star running back James Cook is happy to be going home.

With all that being said, the future is now. If you’re not recruiting, you’re not a college football coach. No matter the state of your shoe game. And thanks to the Georgia coaching and recruiting staff, plenty of the future is on display the next couple of weeks thanks to the All-American games set to tee it up.

Currently living in NC State country, breaking news is not something I relish at the moment. So hopefully all the updates we get are Arian Smith at full speed, every OL available, and the healthiest secondary we’ve seen all season. And as always...