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There’s no preventing access to Tuesday’s Dawg Bites

NCAA Football: SEC Championship-Georgia vs Alabama Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

We’re one day closer to either extreme elation or unfettered depression. There’ll be no in between or middle ground.

Welcome to Tuesday Dawg Bites, the Orange Bowl Week edition.

Georgia and other CFB teams made the big news on Monday, and it wasn’t even until practice began.

Earlier Monday, teams were given the option to allow media access for a brief period at start of that day’s practice. Smart and other hand-on coaches, naturally, reacted quicker than finding out about a Florida decomitt and opted to call off that media access.

Needless to say, those already in Miami covering the bowl game were less than thrilled with this change being made within an hour of being shuttled over to practice, and rightly so. They were in Miami to cover the lead-up to the game. With no practice access and all interviews via zoom, why in the world should anyone fly into Miami until Friday morning?

Media coverage is a two-way street. Coaches can gripe all they want about how coverage of players is portrayed, but it’s impossible for that story to be told if those covering the team have no access to do so.

Look, I get part of today’s adjustments are COVID-related. I can’t blame coaches for not wanting media to see a player, not at practice and speculate for a few days of ‘who has covid.’ And honestly, if coaches are trying to hide this, it should scare fans crapless about if these games even will take place on Friday...

That, of course, was until the CDC adjusted its isolation period from ten days to five. It should help keep individuals from having to isolate longer, sports included.

Speaking of isolation periods....JT Daniels and George Pickens have emerged from COVID-19 protocols.

As for Friday itself, Georgia’s defense has a chip on its shoulder. Jordan Davis said as much on Monday. The short version is that this will be the best offensive line and running back combo Georgia has faced. On Friday, the legacy of this Georgia defense will be written. Either an elite unit that had a combo of a bad day and was weakened by illness against Alabama in Atlanta, or one that beat up on mostly inferior opponents.

Meanwhile, in the Cotton Bowl, Cincy’s big-game enthusiasm is not yet ready for prime time. Hope they like funerals....

Speaking of The Tide, Saban apparently decided last month that somebody had to take over for the ‘poor little ol’ us getting disrespected’ since Clemson’s offense couldn’t function following Trevor Lawrence being sent to NFL QB hell in Jacksonville.

Go Dawgs!