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Wednesday ‘Dawg Bites says “Let’s Go!”

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 27 Georgia at Georgia Tech
Uga probably did to that field what Tech QB Yates did after that first series.
Photo by David J. Griffin/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Welcome to Wednesday, Bulldog fans! And not just any Wednesday, but the first of December and the start of meteorological winter. Not to mention the mid-point between the conclusion of an undefeated regular season and a possible coronation of the conference championship. These are special days indeed.

My alter ego has a penchant for (and is contractually bound to) worry. Whether that be the echoes of Larry Munson telling us the long odds, having elderly men in black and white pajamas dispense their brand of subjective justice, or just having your heart ripped out when you flew too close to Hope. But I for one am pumped this week (at least until tomorrow morning). We’ve got an administration that hired the right people and built the right facilities, a coach who brought in the right assistants and right players, and young men who do things right on the practice and game field. So I say... LET’S GO!

Does this remind anyone of a low-budget Sledgehammer video?

Now onto news and notes of the Georgia Bulldog variety:

The elephant in the room is not just Alabama at #3 in the latest College Football Playoff rankings. Cincinnati’s conference championship performance can be an elephant. Okie State beating Baylor could be an elephant. The Hawkeyes could be the biggest elephant of them all. Chaos mode... engaged!

While some coaches were holding press conferences at their new school, others were inking extensions, and still others were holding exit interviews for their assistants, the head man at UGA was out there doin’ work. While the coaching carousel continues to snap belts and drop gears, Kirby Smart signed a 6’4” 300 pounder out of Louisiana, a state known for producing star defensive linemen and ones that don’t often cross the Mississippi to attend college. And another one out of Alabama, an offensive lineman that Saban offered just two weeks ago and with the porous performance against Auburn still visible in the rear-view mirror. I’m sorry, but when did you say recruiting season started again??

The University of Georgia was also active in the new football coach business. It’s just the football that’s really soccer. And Athletic Director Josh Brooks continues to drain the PAC-12 of the only thing that allows them to self-designate as the “Conference of Champions.”

Last week, the Red & Black compared the linebacking corps of Georgia and that trade school. There wasn’t much to compare. They continue this weekly feature by talking about the Crimson Tide backers. With Henry To’o To’o and national sack leader Will Anderson in that group, we can safely assume Todd Monken has given it a passing thought or two.

It appears that both Jamaree Salyer and Kearis Jackson will be questionable, but George Pickens is probable to play Saturday in the SEC Championship Game. What is even more certain is that you will be politely making requests of your television frequently during the CBS broadcast. Just don’t count on Gary Danielson accommodating said requests. You know what you’re going to say. We all do.

The news is a little light coming out of Athens, and that’s just fine with me. I also realize that the current climate is one that tells school administrations and PR people to either get the story out now because you don’t want to be overshadowed, or get the news out now so it can be buried and quickly forgotten. So things will be breaking every moment I don’t have fingers on a keyboard. I just know those ‘Dawgs coming down the track have business to attend to, and I’m looking forward to their efforts.

As always...