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Gameday Morning Dawg Bites and Open Comment Thread

Look up, what do you see? All of you and all of me...

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 09 Missouri at Georgia

Good morning, Dawg Nation! As always, it’s a beautiful morning just outside the Classic City. Sure, it’s a little bit colder than we’ve become accustomed for, but it’s November and I am 100% here for it. It’s still dark out and the smoker is smoking as it is wont to do, but I am as fired up as ever.

Today, our #1 Georgia Bulldogs will take the field at Sanford Stadium for the second to last time of the 2021 season. They’ll be taking on a Missouri Tigers squad that pretty much everyone expects them to manhandle... and, don’t get me wrong, I do too. But I’m not going to let that or the noon start time take away from the excitement. College football is with us but a short time each year and we must cherish each Saturday, So let’s finish this regular season out strong the next few weeks and get ready for the post-season.

How about a little music to begin:

And now your Gameday Morning Dawg BItes:

  • Let’s start out with something a little bit fun. Wanna know how your Bulldog knowledge stacks up? Enjoy this Georgia football history quiz from UGA Wire. Proud to say I hit 10 out of 10 (although I will admit to a lucky guess on #7).
  • Next up, the boys from that Ohio State Sports Illustrated site that (to my great amusement) keeps picking Georgia games for some reason are back. And they all think Georgia should win handily. But two of them think Missouri is going to score 20 points or more, so props for going against all available evidence, I suppose.
  • If you hadn’t heard yet, Jamaree Salyer is out for today’s game and it looks like Tennessee as well (which is probably for the best since that abomination of a turfgrass playing surface eats the souls of star Georgia players). I’m confident that the Dawgs have plenty of talent to shuffle the line and come up serviceable, but this is definitely a development worth keeping an eye on.
  • Jordan Davis is up for another award... but this time it’s for his work off the field.
  • Let’s all take a moment to celebrate 50 years of Loran Smith bringing us the sights and sounds of Sanford Stadium.
  • Finally, lest we be accused of ignoring Georgia’s roundball squad, here you go. I mean heaven forbid they should give us a reason to actually be excited to report on the goings-on in Stegeman, but whatever. At least the athletic department has seen fit to allow us to buy some beers to drown our sorrows (which is honestly probably the most intriguing part of this story).

As you are certainly aware, this will also serve as your Gameday Morning Open Comment Thread. Share your morning plans, your thoughts on UGA/Mizzou, and your quips about whatever nonsense they are getting up to on College Gameday or SEC Nation or what have you. Macondawg will be along before the noon kickoff with the first game comment thread.

Until then...